Thursday, May 28, 2015

M7 and T Mobile

I apologize for being short in this, but am juggling here. I just checked mail and noticed a few in there in suggestions about Internet, and yes we are looking into that venue. Thank you.

For Captain Kirk, the M 7 was not a hidden message to you, but a post. I am sorry I was not more clear. Your being a friend is enough. We are hopefully getting things unjuggled here enough to keep breathing the internet air.
I should be more stable sometime next week in knowing how it works out., TL is better with the tech of the various plans, and TL is working it out. It all hinged on satanlink and getting the phone back on.....talked to a government gal who said that she spoke to the company and the employee had never heard of anything like this in 20 years.
Yes being the popular girl is........I think I almost got deaf and a real headache from that damn loop music satanlink plays non stop.

To the people with Birthdays...........Happy Birthday. Sorry about all of this in being swamped. This is 3 weeks in trying to sort this all out, and we think we are getting there.

God bless you all.

TL and LC