Thursday, May 28, 2015

To the Few

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will have a more complete story about what we have just been put through at Centurylink, but it was nothing short of terrorism. I spent the past 4 days with phone service cut off. Spent 5 hours on the phone, on hold, with Mexicans (this is who employs Mexicans in mass who transfer you to Asians) and as you have your phone turned ON twice, well Centurylink turns it off within an hour.

This satanlink was Homeland, and other demoniacs trying to shut this blog off. It is been absolutely beyond frustrating. As the lineman who phoned this morning and got the phone back on, "You sure been given the run around haven't you."

He is the one person I will miss in this. I was helped by one black gal who spent 50 minutes fixing this on Tuesday to have it turned back on, a guy at Customer Service who repeated the process......and it all went off again in an hour.

I will never do business with Centurylink again, ever. As a notice, I have learned that no one should ever hook up to Hughes Net either as it is a nightmare in hooking you up, then leaving you to speak to nasty Filipinos for customer service, and if you try to get off that satellite, you end up with a 200 dollar to 400 dollar fine.

I have heard good things about LOCAL hook up in Dish Net, but help there is Pakistan....but it does have good internet, but it is too much for me and I am not wasting my life watching television again.

We have something in the works, and if it works I will be able to get back online. Still putting it together in this nightmare. We have to check things, get things back to satanlink and then making this work out.

I have to phone the government, plant things, find things, get to town and back all the other things............gotta jet.

PS I am trying to get up at least one post a day for the next week or so. It just depends on the net access. This note is for the few who care. The rest you will get your pharisee Judgment before Jesus Throne.