Thursday, May 28, 2015


As we are in the library trying to hook things up...........

This is for Richard and Stephanie.

It sounds like your dad and you have it logically discussed on the roof leaking in Texas. I was trying to think of the obvious which you two have not talked over, and you know that a roof is something that either is there or it is not, and fixes are a problem of pulling things up, whether in asphalt or tile.

I do not know the design of the roof, as those pretty angles are a major problem as much as one finds beauty in a flat ranch style roof.
I can not think of any tarps, as they would blow off, and unrolling paper and taking it on would be more money gone.

About all that can be done is getting the roof looked at, but in that I might have a suggestion if you have a Votech School which teaches kids how to carpenter, in maybe they could do it as a project, if you furnished materials.
I know I am preaching to the choir in you never know what the hell is under anything in a house until you get into it. That roof we were working on..........well the building was square, but LC, meaning me, neglected to measure kitty corner and oopppps there was a building 12 inches off, so of course that pretty straight tin did not want to follow that crooked.
Yeah do not look too close on that roof ok........yes it is crooked, but it does not leak.

Codes are all different in roofing. I follow the Gorilla Paper down first, after the roof is repaired. We are looking at metal roofing for Mom's house, as I do not want to replace that again ever. As long as the wind is not blowing, pre drilling and it is not 100 degrees to cook you...........yes,  that is what bloomed that fungus on my thigh was that nice bake oven roof I was on......that has healed up thank God.

I would that I could be down there to help out. I have run a potato fork in digging up shingles....and done enough asphalt of know I hate it, but I would if I could be there to get it fixed. As you are not having major leaks, I am guessing that most of the roof being plywood is sound in the 5/8's sheeting.

I would wait though until that monsoon that dumb ass from Texas I was reading in a post who was praying for a hurricane to get Texas wet, stops raining. I am guessing as I have not inquired that it will stop raining there soon enough.
The dry weather line is moving back into the plains.........humidity yes, but the rain is not falling, except in reports there in if it is heavy or hitting the ground at all.

The jet stream shift should get that moisture out of Texas, and the tornadoes into the Ohio in the next weeks. It depends on those massive Canuck cold fronts which have been slamming the upper tier quit or not. I suspect you will get hot and dry this summer and there is a pattern set up of cold Canuck fronts which will then bring big storms to that Kansas, Illinois, Ohio etc... line.......dips further south and the baman's will get blasted.

I have to post some stuff now, and apologize I am about as worthless as tits on a boar for any of this.

God bless you and hugs to you both.