Sunday, June 21, 2015

all the lesbian dick

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you want to understand the psychopathy of Hilly Hamrod Clinton, all you need to do is peruse the quagmire of the mental midgetry of Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. In her life with Dick, also known as Bushworld, which was published in 2004, Maureen Dowd reveals everything about Hilly Clinton, Peggy Noonan, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly and every other lesbo who voted for Barack Hussein Obama and the image.

Dowd is a racist like all of these people are on the left. Her racism though has nigger Al Gore as "colorful" while George W. Bush is "black and white Kansas" from the Wizard of Oz. In her theatre Dorothy never is trying to get home to Kansas because it is boring and white, because Maureen lusts to stay in a fictional world of lollipop kids, murderous monkeys, and witches.

The witch in Maureen Dowd's world is Hillary Clinton. That is the reason all the women on the left hate Hillary so much, because Bill stayed with her and Hillary got all of those pretties.

9 11 was an interesting forensic psychological study in liberal, because on September 12th they suddenly found out in the words of Maureen Dowd that all of these white, manly, driven, successful, American males were exactly what liberals needed to protect them from the turbanhead fiction.
Is an amazing feature that on July 4th 2001, Dowd is bitching at George W. Bush needs to relax because all he does is work. You will notice she never had this complaint about the perpetually vacationing Obama. On September 12th, Dowd and all of these liberals felt their netherworlds tingling. By November, they actually were lusting after Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney had the dick they all wanted.
See what you don't know is that they were wearing their vibrators out up their leftist twats and their gay asses, and the love affair with the Bush administration lasted only as long as their 3rd set of batteries did. Then it was the trauma and drama and liberal guilt of how could they have been on their Monica knees in their bedrooms panting before their televisions, slurping out the words "Give it to me Rummy! Give it to me Dick! Yes George, make me your Bush!"

By January, the problems were Enron and all of the old things which liberals who now had the Taliban on the run in their man George W. Bush and feeling safe could now focus on what really mattered, how they could have cheated on Bill Clinton with George W. Bush............and how in fury it would take them till 2008 to find a Designer Negro in Barack Hussein Obama to really dirty them up for penance.

This is the world of the liberal. Never in their mindset do they make a mistake in voting for Bill Clinton, because Al Gore will save them as a loser, and when Al Gore becomes the pathetic planet boy they trot out John Kerry to fail for them in his cloned purple hearts, and when Kerry fails they have Birther Hussein doubling down in being George W. on steroids, and when Obama destroys America...............well let's just trot Hillary Hamrod out as she will be the fix.
Never once though will it be these idiot liberals blaming themselves for their stupid choices. No it was George W. and Dick Cheney who were at fault for having them shove dildos up their excrement regions.

The thing which is strange about Maureen Dowd is that she views everything in what she was told was "cool". She looks at the Godfather movies and thinks they are real. She talks about Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. If these lesbians had any semblance of seguey, they would comprehend that comparing the Bush Ashkenaz to Italian Catholics  is just a bit of a stretch.

Dowd in her psyche on display enjoy using a few intellectual words, as it gives people pause and it validates her small mind which is always uncomfortable in seeking to attack her Mom, her Sister and her Niece for all being George W. Bush voters.
The reality in all of this is the one simple thing. Everything Maureen Dowd and Hillary Clinton bitched about, along with John Kerry damning President George W. Bush, is the reality that George W. Bush has been proven absolutely correct in his economic and war policy, as Obama has failed over extending and in under achieving.

If one looks at the subtext of Maureen Hamrod Clinton, there is besides the brutal European Italian male and Frank's Rat Ass, Dowd Clinton appears fixated on Oedipus when it comes to the Bush family.....when there never was a son marrying the mum and the odd tally of Maureen Dowd recording almost every unrequited egg head book of fictional love tragedies which no one has read.

That is what is at the heart of Hillary Hamrod Clinton, in being a minder of Bill, and a failure as a woman who could not satisfy a serial rapist. It is the heart of Mo Dowd, the little Irish tart who spread her legs wide to get jammed my married dick, believed the Bill Clinton lies of his leaving his wife........and when she was dumped, all she had left was a fictional career she was handed like all other liberals in their affirmative reaction.

I am not going to analyze the sex with mummy fixation these women have as hopefully the sound of the vibrator will drown out that storyline.

It is though why Dick Cheney was  so hated by these little dick Obama Kerry males and no dick Muchelle Hamrod females, all yearning to have some kind of dick, lusted after some kind of dick, or at least having a towel snapped off their ass by a real Dick to validate their inner straight as they descend into sodomese psychosis.

This is enough of this fun. You never did get the Mockingbird entendre of:

Enter at your own Risk.......

Yes it never was about the Bush family, but about Dowd's bush which like Hillary's has been void of real right wing man dick and it has left them empty their entire lives.

You give Hillary Clinton and these lesbians big ole nuclear missiles to wag around, and they will masturbate masturbating for Obama only left them with callouses on their genital regionals.