Thursday, June 4, 2015

Putting You On Hold

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The subject is satanlink or as you might call it Centurylink, or Obamalink in employing those illegal Mexicans in mass.

This is an observation in just experiences that a company like AT&T employs mostly blacks who want to work....the women are professional in their jobs, but the males are incompetent and pushy. The Mexican phone company that donates to Obama, Tracfone is an employer of Asians....who are very good at their job, but hard to understand.
Hughesnet employes pushy white guys, who you then have to talk to bitchy Filipinoes who will not help you when your dish does not work for your computer.
Centurylink though is home to Mexicans, incompetent Mexicans at that. They lie to you, transfer you, apologize to you and do absolutely nothing to help you.

To put it plainly in trying to just get some type of internet connection when dial up was nuked here, it cost me 80 dollars alone in prepaid Tracfone minutes, as Centurylink put me on hold, fixed the connection, then immediately disconnected me.

I am not much on Sprint or Verizon as they are both high priced cons in charging you like a donkey sex show in Mexico, as the more you do not want, they charge you for it any way.

So satanlink deliberately unhooked me from Friday to the point of satanlink was to punish me, and of course there were excuses and explanations, but when it comes down to it, that when nothing like this ever happens before and it happens to the popular girl........well be pleased you are not me in those who think you can operate in this level of work.

This all gets better as at this time I can not tell you how I got online, because if I do, then I am most likely going to have immense problems  or some type of price hike. The two people who mentioned towers are very close to what took place. Someday when I am rich I may take this public, but I can not do it right now as I can not afford to make this public.

So the net provider tells me that they are going to hook the phone up and some net, which is fine............problem is the phone rings out, but still rings in on satanlink.
If you need that repeated, I have another phone which dials out, but Centurylink is still grabbing my phone number and phoning in.

Now I  phoned them about this last Friday to get off satanlink........the word was it was in the works.......the other provider said, "24 hours and it will cure it."

Uh huh, we got Saturday....same thing...Sunday the same thing........Monday same thing and I call, and satanlink tells me, oh yes I will transfer you, and then are updating my information again, and then the gal says, "Oh your service was cancelled last Friday."

I repeat I have the phone ringing here, and she assures me that Wednesday it will all be  turned it is not satanlink's fault, but it is the other provider in they requested that.

Uh NO, the other provider filed things for immediate porting, and voila, it is not done.

Yes I can not get connected to Centurylink when I have an account and I can not get off that damn corporation when I do not have an account.
I did ask if I would be charged for all of this.......and was assured I would not be charged by satanlink.

OK, I will translate what is going on in this as this is all Patriot Act Obamact stuff. See satanlink is part of the Homeland or HOland network in collecting all that data. These bastards have been screwing around with me for all the Obama years in making it hell to post this blog in every way they could figure out.
Remember the  episodes of TL and I on the phone and it constantly hanging up? Remember what Centurylink told Mom to do in unplugging the phone jack to cure it, as it reset everything? Oh yes, how about when I was  in the Metro and phoning Mom and different times her line was busy when SHE WAS NOT ON THE PHONE?
Yeah this is Homeland NSA fricking around on this line, and now that they had this blog connection shut off, they punished me, and when I got off this damned Obamalink corporation, they are perplexed as they have the WARRANT to spy on me on Obamalink, and they need to refile the paperwork to the new carrier, which will take until Wednesday.

I spoke to my produce department grocery gal and she gave me some good information, as she ragged on about how bad Hughesnet was and would never go back again. She said that Dishnet was very good. In bad weather, Dish lost televison signal, but she never lost internet.
She did mention though that their helpline was in Pakistan and she hung up on them as she could not understand them, and went through a local hook up who could speak English as she had moved, but that is something to keep in mind....she also said her receiver was Hughesnet and she asked about that, but Dish uses whatever provider that is best connection in the service area.

Any way, this is about me, and the huge cost it entailed to just get this blog up the past two weeks. Oh and the rub in this was, I could not transfer or port to a new service unless my phone was hooked up.....that is what satanlink was terrorizing me about in cyber proxy as there is a new group already taking over from the Obama foreigners and they do not want this  blog doing daily updates in alerting all of you to what is actually taking place.

I resent richtards who just steal information here and think this is all nothing that concerns them. I went through communications hell this past month, and it was on various levels from satan, Homeland, demoniacs and whatever focused on stopping the posts here.
I prayed to God and said if He did not want this blog to continue, I would not keep publishing as there was not any feasable way to keep this going after all I had been through. It was today the sound of battle, but tomorrow the victor's song.
When this fixed, it was easy.......but it is not over, and I will wait and see what the blessed Wednesday will bring as the demons in the wire are not done hindering this yet.

I do wonder what the Lame Cherry warrant though reads to that DC Judge who signs off on such things...........I wonder if the Judge gets to read the part about "Yes we cut off service to the new provider, endangering that family in disrupted emergency phone service, all so we could get your name on that warrant for the new provider."

One more thing.......

I now have unlimited text and phone. I am sorry for those I offend in this, but what kind of no minds are lured in to a feature that you can bother people non stop, because you need an electronic birth cord as you are so lonely in this world. It reminds me of my former fat internet provider texting and being texted by the fat frump he was f*cking while I was in a meeting with him as he beamed in desire.
Yeah same kid who ran his business in the ground, has marriage problems with that frump who turned up prego and his house needs a paint job, as he never is at work.
I relish in not having a watch on or not having a phone connected to me........yet there are millions of corders out there who are attracted to unlimited texting as the selling point.

Do you get why America is dead and why the cartel installs frauds into every office to rule over you.......the majority of people are dolts, and that is why they get away with terrorizing me on my phone service as they all see it, but just Mexican standoff as long as they get their bean check, it is the mindless world of the gulag all are in.

nuff said