Tuesday, June 16, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Corn is a crop which I am experiencing a new. This is not about a great number of things, but common sense things which have been forgotten.

For example, there no longer is easy published data on the costs of planting frankenfood Monsanto Round Up algae corn. Meaning the costs of fertilizer, seed at whatever 200 dollars per bag and fuel, along with 250,000 dollar tractors and planters compared to seed a farmer could save as it grew normally, and if rotated did not require fertilizer......but does require farming in passes over the field in cultivating the crop instead of laying in front of the nudie channel on Dish TV.

So take 3 dollar a bushel corn, at 180 bushels per acre. That is 540 dollars, but if you have high costs of fertilizer and expensive gadgets, compare that to 70 bushel corn at 3 dollars a bushel and it is 210 dollars. Where is the cost ratio in this that makes heirlooms worth farming with, instead of just being a slave to Obama Monsanto.

See I have found that 12 row corn on the cob.......oh yes all corn is not created equal, in besides dent, flint, pop, oil, starch and sweet, you have corn of 8, 12 and 16 rows........so each corn will produce various size and numbers of seeds.....which means if you plant so many thousand kernels per acre, size does indeed make a difference.

My project on an unnamed yellow dent corn.......it is not Nothstine as it is said to be too low in production and it is not Reid's as the stalks on that break.......so my corn is large kernels, and I found that I can plant a plot of the approximate size of 40 feet by 18 feet.
Why that size? Well it has borders for growth and yes it is about row spacing as I have no planter for such things, and eyeball spacing might be 8 inches apart in too close......but all in all the correct measure is one ear of corn with two rows to fill out the 11 rows I have planted.
Meaning in short, one ear of corn will plant.........45 kernel estimate per row, so 9 rows is 405 kernels per cob..........said they were big kernels, but around 500 per this plot in seeds sown.

Now we are cooking baby as you now can ascertain by corn cob how much seed you will require to sow your things to survive.........one acre feeds your chicken flock, making you meat and eggs........and another feeds your Jersey some extra for milk, and feeds you enough for your Johnny Cake to gnaw on.......I like mine with chili.

Yes I have revealed in Darwin.....he is a relative of mine, in natural selection....that I chose a large kernel, 8 inch cob corn as my standard. Not that it sprouts any more or less than the little kernel corn, as I can not see any difference in plant or sprouting rate......it is just what I am choosing with my God eye at work.
You have little idea that the Oscar Will's made your grains specific in ears that pointed down so rain would not run in and mold the corn......lots of stuff going on in this in selecting things from stalk strength, height, blah blah blah blah.

OK so if God blesses me with the big fold, then this patch will produce a great amount of seed for a homesteader to almost live on, and in year 4.........to live on for needs.

So now you know more about cornworld......you are going to have to know this stuff or starve.....can just see you poor children out planting Monsanto mule corn and getting no crop or busting it with some squaw corn flint breaking your toothies on it........while I was busy being Ant Cherry...yes while you were off being Grasshopper luxury.

Nuff said.