Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Open Hand Legacy

The Obama dead in Syria

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What each of you thinks and says matters when it comes to the legacy of the fraud Barack Hussein Obama Chin. You have before you the Jimmy Carter court of public opinion to recite the facts to others......others who are now ashamed of being duped by this image and will not defend it.

In 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, Barack Hussein Obama ridiculed and chastised President George W. Bush, in the same mantra of Maureen Dowd, that the world hated America and that George Bush's fist was going to be replaced by Obama diplomacy of the "open hand to all" and then the world would love America as Birther Hussein was superior in every way.

Yes George Bush was an idiot for having superb advisers, but Barack Obama was wonderful for reading a paper on inauguration day and asking people "what does this mean"......as Obama was so gifted that he could lower hisself when stupid to ask smarter people what something said he was reading.


The Obama dead in Sudan.

Open hand.

That is the Obama legacy in it is the judgment if George W. Bush was correct or if Barack Obama was correct.

With George W. Bush, there were two wars in retaliation for 9 11, Afghanistan and Iraq. In both cases, George Bush turned over victories to Barack Obama in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord.
One would conclude then with that peace dividend in al Qaeda shattered, that Obama's open hand policy would succeed in that elusive Nobel Peace Prize which he was awarded for doing nothing.

The facts are though that instead of al Qaeda, now America has a menace known as Isalmic State. These same people were armed by the Obama regime in order to transfer order from national Islamic nations, to community organized socialist Islam.

In Obama open hand, the legacy is:

Egypt ruled by President Mubarak, to Mr. Mubarack in a cage on trial. Obama Egyptians gang raping Lara Logan in a public square, and the same terrorists then overthrown by an Egyptian military coup.

Yemen was a stable nation. Now it is a nation of civil war.

Libya was a stable nation under Col. Khadaffi, but in the Obama staged overthrow, it has now become a terror state of Obama imported terrorists.
United States Ambassador, Chris Stevens was raped to death, along with Americans on the ground murdered.

Syria was stable, but is now another nation in civil war, with millions displaced and one hundred thousand Syrians dead by the Obama IS factor.

Iraq is in civil war.

Afghanistan is bringing back the defeated Taliban.

Iran is processing the next generation of nuclear warheads to add to her existing stockpile.

Sudan is now divided and the murder of Christians is expanding.

Saudi Arabia is now bombing another Arab nation in Yemen.

Jordan is now bombing another Arab nation in Syria.

This is the ownership of Obama open hand policy. President George W. Bush can not be blamed for any of this, for all of these nations were stable in 2009 AD in the year of our Lord, and yet in the Obama second term, this is the manifestation of all that is Barack Hussein Obama Chin.

 The Obama dead in Libya.

This is not just the Middle East, but there is the reality of nuclear confrontation with Russia in the west and in the east, China is advancing on other Asian states in grabbing territory.

No occupant ever inherits a world of peace from any President. Ronald Reagan was burdened by the disaster of Jimmy Carter and transformed it by God's Grace to ending the nuclear cold war and the enslavement of millions of eastern Europeans.
Barack Hussein Obama though inherited a world of terror which George W. Bush inherited from William Clinton. The reality is though from the above that in George W. Bush foreign policy in which the key point was going into Iraq, which has now been proven had weapons of mass destruction, as they have appeared in the Syrian Civil War in stockpiles hidden there, that Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan were stable and Jordan and Saudi Arabia were not bombing their neighbors, and Barack Hussein Obama took this inheritance of stability and turned it into community organized mayhem and murder.

This is the reality, and the reality is the answer to the question of was George W. Bush correct in foreign policy which he was ridiculed and castigated for, or was the alternative praised Obama policy correct?
In the evidence of reality, George W. Bush was correct and brought stability to the world. Barack Hussein Obama has been proven absolutely wrong in every way and the reality is more nations detest America now from Russia who was an ally of George W. Bush to the growing instability of America being overrun with a Mexican and Chinese invasion of slave labor.

The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama Chin in his image is one of removing stable nationalist Muslim leaders for community organized Islamocommunists, and in this disruption, the narcotics trade has flourished, the sex slave trade has flourished, the arms trade has flourished and the terror trade has flourished.


The Obama dead in Yemen.

Much has been weighted in this in the John Kerry love affair with Old Europe, who just were too elite for George Bush Texas accents, who then embraced their Designer Negro in Barack Obama as how they would implement foreign policy. In that balance, George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, have all been exonerated, and the heads of Europe and their embraced Barack Obama have been convicted as the leadership who were murderously wrong by the empirical evidence.

The Open Hand Doctrine of Barack Obama has wasted hundreds of thousands of Muslim lives and trillions of American debt. Embracing terror states has accomplished nothing but unleashing more terrorism around the globe.

This is the Barack Hussein Obama legacy. The image of all that is leftist elitism in theoretical design which has proven in reality nothing but the lies which George W. Bush was accused of, while bringing nothing but chaos to the planet.

"The intellectuality of Barack Obama thought by neglect to not perceive the murderous hearts of mankind, and when it realized that an intellectual response did not take place from terrorists, turned to the very methods of terrorists to annihilate the very people, he had extended his open hand to."

- Lame Cherry

The Obama Open Hand has been discredited by the very manifestation of terror, the insecurity of America, the piles of dead Muslims and a world now jousting on a nuclear arena.

The blood of the Obama world is upon every voter of his and every Maureen Dowd, David Letterman and Bill O'Reilly, John Fogerty, Paul Simon etc.. who enabled this illegitimate foreigner and his unsound foreign and domestic policy.


The Obama dead in Egypt.

This is the literal whirlwind of Obama Open Hand Doctrine and those who supported this Intellectual Isalmist.  For the horrific legacy of this, the coming body counts have not yet begun from the Obama Open Hand.

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