Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Custody of Arms

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Protocols on the Armed Populace; Cornelius Tacitus

"In fact, it is for the king's interest not to entrust a noble, a freeman, or even an emancipated slave, with the custody of arms."

"men unemployed, with arms in their hands, readily become licentious."

- Cornelius Tacitus

This is the historic reality of why regimes disarm their populations straight from Roman experience and protocol and as put into place in the "nations of commerce".
It is interesting to note that the control of arms always is linked to the exchange of money for profit, and then the confiscation of it through taxes by the despot.

What can be a more factual reality than the reality of the Americans who being greatly armed and left armed by the regime, as their cartel proxies enslave them in debt and use the American laws against the American, in these people were first made unemployed by wealth and leisure and then under Obama made unemployed and wards of the state, and in both cases became a nation of perverse sexual deviates who could not restrain themselves.

The misery of the Russian took the form of poverty and their escape was vodka while the Asian in their gulag became even more ready breeders of billions.

The advancement of Tacitus which even he did not envision, was that even a Rome like America, could arm their peoples, but so subjegate them, that the arms were as worthless as lint as the people were so cowed in protecting their crumbs that they would not rise up and free themselves by using them.

I have stated before that your large boulevards are not about freedom, no more than your New York Central Parks. Cities are designed for mob control. Give the mob wide streets to advance on, give them a large arena to protest in, and it requires few of the state police who are armed to control, overcome and imprison the mob.

The American and westerner is the most extreme fool of the human history. They are told they are free. They are told they are armed, and never realize that they have been locked in their own prison with a door wide open to revolution, but never act upon it, as they are conditioned to believe they must protect "the prison in which they have freedom in".

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