Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Feel Your Pain - Enjoy Your Pain


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not understand the liberal Obama mind nor their heartless lack of character in human emotion.

Present for example, Obama medal winner, George Nouri of Coast to Coast AM.

I digress to Shawn who does not listen to CCAM, but was quite right in her observations concerning what she wrote to us about concerning the 7 Seals and 7 Trumpets.

We now proceed on schedule.

So Obama hands Nouri this award for being such a public servant....and I think that that Danion Brinkley and some other fool was gushing over presenting the Obama award to Mockingbird asset Nouri.......same Nouri who just so happened to have in Egypt a person who called in during the Obama Arab Spring saying what a great deal it was to turn Egypt over to terrorists........
Did I mention that Nouri is Lebanese merchant stock and a Navy asset........

Anyway with all that Obama brand of caring and sharing epitomized in George Nouri, I just could not quite come to terms with Nouri on Friday, May 29th in open line calls, when two women phoned in or I should say one texted or something from Iowa who kept getting premonitions she was dying.
To this Nouri said, to see a doctor, to cover his arse, but then his producer or something came on who was the text guy and they took none of it serious and mocked this disturbed woman.

Who has an ounce of humanity in them goes on the air and mocks people who are worried they are dying.

Then there was another woman from North Carolina, who had to fight for her home, but her 3 million dollar inheritance had been stolen, and while Nouri gave good advice in getting another attorney as the first one went tits up, he still had that same condescending tone in his jovial replies of treating this woman like an idiot.

See George Nouri does that with all the callers. See Art Bell used to only due that with the extreme idiot callers at times, but most of the time Art just would chew on them in a lecture and send them on the way.

So you have two women, one who thinks she is dying and another who is in dire financial straits and has been cheated out of 3 million dollars, and Nouri's tone is one of "you twats are just damn fools and I really get off in people like you being idiots and I enjoy your misery".

There is a vast difference in Bill Clinton feeling people's pain and George Nouri enjoying people's pain.

This is the same Nouri who was suprised that most Americans do not have 500 dollars for emergency funds like fixing their cars under his Obama regime who Nouri assisted twice in stealing the American Presidency. Gone are the Art Bell days of all sorts of conspiracy theories.......hell the only thing that makes it on now is Jerome Corsi fanning the Iranian nuclear flames which no one is going to care about until Jew City New York is down in a dust cloud.

None of that Jew City is anti Semite, as New York is the biggest concentration of Jews outside of the Israeli state. When the time comes to knock off the Jewish competitors like George Ashkenaz Soros did in Georgia back in the Bush era, they will vape New York City to nuclear holocaust the Jews there. I suppose Nouri will have a lilt in his voice talking to the victims then too in "Gosh do you have a Geiger counter there and some bottled water.".......before taking the next caller.

I so miss Art Bell as he made radio fun, even if his guests for the most part were all frauds. What appears now on Coast to Coast is the worst radio five nights a week with Nouri, and when George Knapp is not being a misogynist to "little old ladies" who disagree with his Obama regime mindering......all that is on there are tepid female mic heads and nothing more since deep voice John has gone underground.

Things like this matter though, because too many people forget Ann Coulter attacking the Birthers in bed with Geraldo Rivera and too many people forget Peggy Noonan in crusty undie lusts with Birther Hussein in the demise of America.

George Nouri treats people in bad situations with comic put down. He mirrors the image of Obama perfectly in that fact pulpit accent and rolled up white shirt sleeves pretending it cares about Americans.

Ever ask yourself just why is it that when the Clintons and Bush's were in power, that the conspiracy world beamed with interesting fabrications and facts, and now that it is Obamaland, it is not a story touching on any of the exclusives which have been published here from the mosquito drones being armed to murder people selectively to what happened in ANALGATE Benghazi.

The contempt the structure has for people now is beyond the facade of what it used to be. These creeps used to at least lie to you and put on a front like Rush Limbaugh does pretending  he likes people. George Nouri just like the image Obama has the smugness of knowing the powers that be are ............or as the one guy says, the power elite, have them protected from all of you vermin and their real contempt for you just comes gushing out.

Ask yourself why it is that Lame Cherry never appears on any of these media outlets concerning the pile of exclusives which have been PROVEN to be accurate have appeared here, and later stolen by the same media. Granted I would never appear on any of those vistas, but all the same, they have only attempted to manipulate me, before tucking it where the sun does not shine and moving on.
You do not hear anything any more as what this blog produces. For those who have been pistol whipped for getting out of line, they deserve it as I will not put up with rudeness in the least. This blog though regrettably is the last of it now and it does sadden me when I hear people who have no one else, turning to a George Nouri who only answers correctly so he does not get sued by lawyers, but always has that smart ass tone in his voice like Groucho Marx to make a profit off of the not so bright on the right who he enjoys mocking.

It does bother me when people in power treat others less fortunate in mental abilities as some entertainment to be exploited. You have to be at the last rung in life to phone up a mic head and beg for help from these mind control agents.

Dan Rather used to at least hide his contempt......now it is just so low class smarmy, but then what else would one expect from an Obama stooge and someone who Obama gives awards to for humanity.

Same Obama who had SEALS murder actors portraying Sheik bin Laden and left babies crawl around in that offal among dead bodies.

I wonder why Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, John Fogerty and Jon Bon Jovi never sing songs for Obama over that........as they are responsible for this bloody reign of terror as they beheld all of you with the same Nouri contempt for each of you.