Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mud Justice

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In reviewing the historical work of Tacitus, the Roman historian makes note that certain of the German tribes whom Americans are founded from, had a penal phase in justice which involved a rather novel execution which the Lame Cherry appreciates and advocates.

The Spaniards when in control of Cuba, implemented swift justice in hanging and in whipping criminals of low degree on every street corner, which did a remarkable service to making a civil population. I though am fascinated in the modern era of returning to the medieval German method of execution which implemented mud.

This is relevant as those who are against such capital punishment speak of cruel things like lethal injections not working.  Frankly I can not comprehend why a pint of morphine injected into a criminal would not suffice and it has to be these witch's brews concocted to execute these refuse of society, but I see the German mud as a wonderful solution.

For example if the Germans had actually killed 6 million Jews, which they never did, but say the Nazi had done this, but instead encased these Jews into mud, then the mud could have been hardened and an entire new land could have been formed like the Netherlands in reclaiming the ocean.
Yes it is in the extreme, but instead of burning the dead, but placing them in clay coffins, an entire dike could have been built.

See this is the point in green revolution ideas. What could be more earth friendly than a pedophile put into a bath tub, and a load of wet mud was dumped on them to execute them?
Workmen die all the time in trenches in cave ins, as do farmers in grain bins. All that happens is the lungs exhale, and the earth or grain presses on the chest so no new breath can be inhaled, and in 20 seconds it is all dark shadows and calm as the human is passed out and expired.
What could be better than to execute criminals in this manner, but instead of building some ocean barrier, just hose off the corpse, keep the mud and recycle it for round two. That is green friendly in the extreme, and there is mud everywhere and no toxins in it is not a poison.

This certainly is not a cruel or unusual punishment. The rope breaks the neck in hanging. The poisons stop breathing in executions.........the mud is the same in stopping breathing and that is the blood loss like the head chopping or shooting the crook.

I once new a kid who fell into a cement truck mixer. Killed him quicker than any bullet as it rolled him into that heavy wet cement and just suffocated or crushed him. The gravel in the concrete probably scuffed him up some, but with mud none of that would take place. I do not believe though that one would have to resort to cement trucks and tossing in a murderer. One could just serenely have them bound, laid down in a cast iron tub, and then just have some kind of timer on a chute and plop a thousand pounds of mud on them. Leave it set up for an hour, tip it over, hose the dead off, certify it a corpse and then incinerate it for cheap burial and a sure cure that the mud bath worked.

It is a shame that this humane method fell out of public policy. Would have not made the French with their lady so beastly and the Nazi with their inflated Jew numbers so ghastly......and would have not delayed all those executions in America in folks being squeamish about it all. Just mud them to death like the old days. Great invention and it is 100% fool proof as each year people get killed by this working all the time.

nuff said