Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Sons of Obama


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama is one which Americans, real Americans, have not yet comprehended and it does all deal with the indiscriminately abandonment of a part of American history in the Confederate Flag.

No my children and my brats this issue has nothing to do if you are standing up for the Confederate Flag or if you are against succumbing to the Mockingbird moment of following the talking points, but no one has really asked, "Just why is it that the image of Obama is so intense in blaspheming the death of blacks in order to get at that Flag?"

I will answer the reason, and I will explain your stupid answers away in it has nothing to do with being black as Obama is more Asian than black, even with Michelle in the room on the scales. It has nothing to do with slavery, and it has nothing to do with being a liberal.

That sums up the lightweight reasons, so I will give you a few hints in what this Confederate Flag has to do with.

Invading Mexicans.

Michelle ashamed of America.

Christ on the Christmas tree.

If you require more hints, you will of course require them but that will take you off the course and your wee minds will begin to wander and you will fall into the Obama Abyss does. It has more to do with Homo Hannity and Bendover Limbaugh in blaming Islam for tossing fags off skyscrapers. It has to do with identity and it has to do with what Homo Hannity quipped about sandblasting Stone Mountain in Georgia of it's historic American Heroes.

If Jesus does not return, what kind of world do you think you will find in 50 years? 100 years? What kind of America will you find?
I do not want you to answer, but desire you to answer this: "How many historic monuments do you find to Rome in England?"

How about this one, "How many monuments to the Chinese do you find to their dead Soldiers in Korea?"

Answer this, "How many burial areas do you find the United States which are enshrined to the American Indian?"

What am I getting at? The reality is that the vanquished in wars of conquest, eventually leave. When they leave, the people who come to possess the land, either start tearing down the memorials, looting the graves or they just start building houses on them.

What was it the Taliban was doing in Afghanistan, but destroying the historic past in blowing up massive buddha carvings.

What did the Americans, French, Russians and British do to Germany after two world wars? They blew up every German symbol and annexed what was Germany into Poland.

What do you think 60 million Mexicans are going to do when they breed in a generation to 230 million Americans?
What happens in Obamatrade when all those Pakistani Muslims come Sharia law to America?

Are you getting the point now in this, that all of your Americanisms which you are now APOLOGIZING FOR and being 'niggerized' for by the image of Obama, how long do you think they are going to last among community organized Islam, Maoism and Latino Vaticanism?

How long before a war sweeps through Europe and all those D Day graves are ploughed under by a new despot who loathes America as much as Barack and Muchelle Obama, and puts a public sewage system on those graves of American dead?

How long do you think it will be, before Mount Rushmore in South Dakota receives a cannon blast, blowing all those American President faces off that Monument in the Shrine to the Republic?

You think this is far fetched? Consider Grant's Tomb, of President Hiram Ulysses Grant, in it was a place where Americans were pissing on it, defacing it and trashing it, just because it was there, and no one cared about that US President any more.

Barack Obama's legacy is trashing America and that is the reality. American History is nothing but an epitaph to exploitation and America is an evil people, and just drubbing appeals to the self loathing who are rich or failures and are looking for someone to blame for life. The day is going to come when even your graves are going to be dug up and looted. The metals in your teeth pulled out, your family tombstones hauled away for building material, and no one is going to give a damn, but it is going to be celebrated, and it all began with democrat Tom Daschle, the Obamacare stooge who led the fight to shit on the American Flag literally. The image of Obama making it it's legacy to make Southerners remove a Confederate Flag which democrats hoisted up in the South, is what is just the beginning of the real Obama Legacy which all of you have no comprehension of because you do not live in the future and are perpetually dead in your present in having no Inspiration from God.

The Confederate Flag is a gauge, the turning up the degree on the dial just a little more by the cartel benefactors of Obama, just to see what kind of rape they can get away with. They assess this in hoping some Southerners do start meeting, as they have their BATFE minders there to progress it on, so the Police State can swoop in, in another Hutatree Moment to murder some Southerners again, to send a message like Waco and Ruby Ridge to cow the masses.

The mob is now so mind warped that they are like a gutted shark in the water, eating their own guts in the water. The American mob is only to ready to attack itself, as the image of Obama has unleashed such a self hatred of Americans, that they are only too happy now to suicide themselves. This is exactly what this blog predicted in Obama would abort the United States and that is what the groundwork of all of this is about.
When there is no more American competitor, to die for the world order nor to wield WMD's to defend herself and others, then the reality is, the Obama feudal world in what this has always been about, will leave not one trace of what America was to remind anyone of in what Liberty, and Justice for All was ever about, no more than the States Rights which the Confederates fought and died for.

This is easy for you now to look intelligent in being a futurist, as you have all the talking points and the reasoning.

They are coming for you stupid children and brats and the traitors among you are bringing the disease of Typhoid Birther into your midst for your own self destruction.
You do not care about the Confederate Flag in ignorance today, in the future it will be the things you care about which will be outlawed by the sons of Obama.

Nuff said