Sunday, June 28, 2015

Your Money and Your Souls


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a vast difference between what is being instigated in Greece and what is taking place in the disUnited States.

There is a regime Catch 22 in money now. It is not the alerts of over 10,000 dollar withdrawals. It is the ability of the police state to be notified and catch you on your way home, and confiscate your cash, just because they can do so to enrich themselves.
Yes it would make sense to withdraw it when the time comes and transfer it to someone you trusted, and have them carry it, but now is not the time for that according to inquiry. The last inquiry I checked had the US markets being tanked to blame Obama and assist the next quisling to be installed.
All fluid and do not take it to the bank, as I am distracted in this......overworked, exhausted and too many distractions. It does teach me to be more fine tuned, but I am not operating where I would choose to be. It was easier when I was sneaking up on people in their I get visitors in my sleep thinking about boys they knew in school. I wonder at feeling people in knowing them better than themselves.......that part is so easy for me in it is accomplished without even trying.......the other stuff I carry too much load now dampening things.

I like the idea of the rain gutter planters. I did not ascertain if they were  metal, ceramic or wood. The important part is soil depth........was wondering if the world would work better with long threaded rod to mount the gutters on.
I am pleased your roof is fixed. My mistake in not factoring in the legalities of federal oversight.

A very long time ago, I was moved in a talk with GeorgeAnn Hughes who just passed away, and in that long ago time I told her that "Cash would be king". No matter what the situation, there is always going to be a need for some type of exchange. The elite still require something to control the masses.
My theory is that if one spends their money in purchasing something........meaning that if a regime hints at putting in capital controls, then buying things like hard gold in e transfers puts your cash in a commodity which you can have it.
The Greeks are putting their money into Swiss bonds and currency. I view it as when they come to get that money, they are going to get it, so when you cash things in, they tax it to get it, and as one astute survivalist once said........people are going to need things like razor blades in having more value than a bag of gold you can just look at.

The best you can do is keep yourself sheltered, warm or cool, safe and fed. The rest is the frosting of making the right JP Morgan move. I just will not ever put my whatever into electronic wealth as it is nothing you can hold.

On a more Baby Bossie note to make this not all about the satanic assault upon the people of this world.

I stated that you had to be smarter than a Jersey to own them. So I was really smart in that chicken tractor, thinking the calves not bright enough to get around it to the back gardens as the gate is there.
I left instructions for Mom to yell if the calves got to someplace like going down the road down again.

Her story was Daisy came up, grabbed the feed bag, tossed it up, and with that both the Babies with tails in the air took off on a run, around the chick wagon and here came the thundering herd to visit me in the corn patch I was weeding.
Yes I had a sinking feeling as they tore through it. I caught Daisy, led her out and called for Belle to come. I had no sooner let Daisy go, when she was in reverse, running into the patch, and with me saying  NO, they tore through it again and off they went back through the gate, with me in tow.
It was all fine then, as I was informed by the Holy Ghost that they were not going anywhere.......they just wanted me to follow them. I could not touch them in the slough, but as they drank water, there was no problem.
I took the halter off Belle, fed them grain and both loped into their pen.

Today's education lesson was the duo were down the driveway as I was watering some vines. I ventured to head them off.........and was successful. Grabbed Daisy's halter and all was well, and then we left as Belle decided she was going to run down the road.
Baby Belle is........she is an instigator in running away, but does not like to go without company, so I get Daisy caught and call for Belle and she looks at me, and her she comes with her reindeer run.

All good and fine, but Daisy was upset as she had grazing plans, and decided to bunt me as I led was pretty hard as cow bone head on knee bones does hurt........and she did it a second time.

They just communicate what they really want in cow ways. Do not have a mean bone in their bodies.....just sort of a mix of joyful play and demands with physical actions.

Jerseys are good investments yet, but what good is an investment when we are never going to sell these two ever as they are part of the family now. They honestly are better than dogs and act about the same.....same brain action in these little English Island moo cows.

They are what helps keep me from being so upset in the continued rape of the American corpse. There just is not enough degradation these tools of satan can inflict......murdered Afroids in Carolina one day, trashing flags the next, gun rights the next, rationed death the next, sodomites cheering the next in their own demise and obviously more to come.

Greece is a fermenting pot for greater evil to come. Can't have a new empire born if you do not have the devil's cauldron infusing it all together.

God does not tell the Prophets everything........even if I am busy inquiring and listening. God has something in the works in why He has not overcome in providing us our place. He knows, and I know He knows I know He knows. He is though not telling me, as it apparently would interfere with the work. Sometimes little girls think more of protecting the house than in getting up and moving to post something which is going to make her a more focused upon target of the Feudal Few.

The world will be unable to fight the next global financial crash as central banks have used up their ammunition trying to tackle the last crises, the Bank of International Settlements has warned.

If it has come to British Rothschild warning the public, then nothing can be done when it comes.

I was reading and posted here the collapse of Andrew Jackson's economic policy, which is a close mirror image of what the world is facing. Jackson took the money from the central bank and put it into local banks, which gave the money to speculation and a boom ensued. I posted on this last year in the fine work of Theodore Roosevelt on Senator Thomas Hart Benson of Missouri.

What inquiry points to in safe currencies are American, Canadian, Swiss, Japanese.

What to stay away from is the British Pound, French, Italian, Mexican, Russian, Chinese.

Something interesting in this, in inquiry was hinting at not to deal in the current German currency, but one which is coming.

PS: I got this email and I just burst out laughing. Apparently Tiffie wanted to show me her boobs, but she is so invisible like Obama morality, that nothing came up in the search.
See there is always good news.......someone named Tiffie wants to show us her boobs.

Marta did you get a boob job?

No I did not, as I just stuffed my bra with Greek currency from the bank. I got 3 dates and twelve offers to nurse illegal immigrant babies on the walk home.