Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Coulter You Say

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a matter of fact that when the Lame Cherry tells the Truth on both the right and the left, that when an opening to crucify one of their own in Mockingbird appears, they never take it.

What I am speaking of is the reality of Ann Coulter's new book, which is pure plagiarism in stealing intellectual property from the Lame Cherry. This blog stated over and over years ago that the illegal invasion of America was backed by democrats due to political power in the Mexican mob, and in republicans, it was due to slave labor. Yet this is what is Coulter's new book which Homo Hannity was featuring in Coulter coming up with some new earth shattering news.

I deduce that the cartel is now featuring what has been exposed here in one of their political minders in Coulter, as if the herd already has the information, they might as well make money off of it, and gauge if the mob will on the right answer with, "An Coulter you plagiarist!" or just ignore another Limbaugh to Hannity stealing ideas from this blog that Mr. Producer just happens to surf to, to become a scripted show to mkae them look intelligent.

I do mind all of this, as it is repulsive, for either Coulter is like the olde Soviet propagandists who had Russians inventing everything from the light bulb to the telephone as the skirt learned to peal the same banana after it was published years earlier, or she is just an outright fraud.

I remind you that the minder Coulter is the one who was in bed with Al Sharpton and Geraldo Rivera, and she was the one savaging Birthers and went after Joseph Farah of World Net Daily with scorched earth policy. Coulter is a fraud like all of these big name who are promoted. The thing is, it is so blatant now that they just steal things already published and no one in the Obama puppy press brings it up to crucify they are all the same Obama voters.

If I had the money, I would sue her ass, along with her publisher, and then demand equal air time on all the Homo Hannity media which she is appearing on, as I should have the same publicity for things not stolen but Inspired by God.

I have given up on trying to figure out how soulless these creatures all are, because it is one thing to be Mark Levin in cutting and pasting things and taking a year to figure out things that were already figured out and it is another thing for Coutler and this Limbaugh type ilk to just steal ideas and promote them as their own without one murmur of conscience about it.
At least Limbaugh's script writer had to work a bit in hiding what is stolen from here, in revamping all the verbiage, but it is the same.......Coulter just takes other people's work, but unlike Obama with Bill Ayers, Coulter shares none of the cherry pie.

I guess I should wait for the Mark Halprin Mockingbird book on Benghazi in weapon's deals getting Chris Stevens ass raped to death in being a double cross hostage attempt by the OCREEP Obama election committee to nuke Mitt Romney, but then waiting around for that is like waiting around for some richtard to donate 350,000 dollars. Leopards never change their spots as the Bible says, and all the frauds of Mockingbird are getting lazy in it is the thing to quote the Lame Cherry five years later for book deals, as it takes the rest of the world that long to catch up to that revelation.