Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sign Markers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You young brats and my children are going to have to ask your family geezers on this one for proof, as this is an exclusive in the Lame Cherry in matter anti matter, and.......well it is the way things are in filling in the blanks of something you ignorantly never considered.

Non stick bandaids.

Ponder that for a bit and maybe longer, as you will not get this put together in the germ warfare experiment you have been exposed to and what this is all about from the Cherrystone Files.

Why are there non stick bandaids? Yes they stick to wounds......but odd now is it not that your wounds are not festering like the good olde days now are they? Is it the bandaids or is it something has changed?

I probably will stop asking questions as you have none of the answers and never will, but questions are a device to get you to hold still long enough to expose how naked you are of knowledge and understanding, and answers are the allure to get you to stay around and learn something.

Up until the mid 1960's, there were bandaids in the world and odd thing about it is, cuts and scrapes did not produce a festering wound which stuck to those original bandaids.
Something changed in the late 1960's and for those who experienced that time with a wound discovered a rather sticky yellowish drainage issuing from them which was like a glue that stuck to the gauze,  which when you tried to remove the bandaid, it pulled off the scab, burned and was sheer hell.
See you had to be there children, and those who experienced this figured out it was not pleasant in cause and effect.

With all that glue puss coming out of people, the corporates appeared with "non stick bandaids", which for the people of the 1970's did not stop the sticking so much, but what removed the sticking, was the puss stopped being sticky.

You have to know all the pieces in this, as I will now ask you just what it was the elders put on wounds? Neosporin? Bacterin? No my children, as there was not such a thing.
All the geezers had in the baby boom, was Mathialate and Penicillin. One was red dye and it burned like hell and the other was the miracle of the world. Both produced from wounds in the late 1960's a severe sticky puss which had never appeared previously.

Soon enough as pennicillin was discontinued as the antibiotic of choice, there appeared on the market Mycitracin, a synthetic anti biotic, which did not produce this type of glue puss.

The key in all of this is, about this later period with the synthetics, suddenly drug resistant bacterias started appearing also, requiring new death trap super antibiotics, but that is another realm in this marketing for profit reality.

What the reality is, is there was a genetic testing taking place by the cartel, which was introduced through the food supply. The protocol was to remove the penicillin from being effective, culling those people out of the genetic gene pool who were weak by this new infection, and allow the Reich marketers to fill in the market with antibiotics which did not give such a sticky reaction to this new environmental bacteria.
The Penicillin reacts and leaves a sign of what this bacteria is. Penicillin is still effective, but the other synthetics are money makers and are non sign markers.

Now you are all bright children again. It is all in plain sight and no one ever bothered to mention this as the key files were never made available for sowing into this realm for the purpose of the "conspiracy theorists".

Enough of this fun, as this will not be posted until I find a way back onto the internet.