Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Satanlink Update..............


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am wondering if HAARP is making it rain here........as it is like winter in summer.

That said, we went to the library today and download Service Packs I needed to update the towers here. I have a post on that coming up in a few  days to walk you through it. So I am listening to the one tower growl at me as it gets a half a gig of new orders from the NSA to spy on me. Yes SP3 is what is required to run all of this.......and amazingly as I write this, Blogger is shut down in someone is grabbing it.

OK, so this is about Centurylink.......thee worst phone experience ever.

So we unhooked from them, after they refused to rehook us up, after they by deliberate retaliation unhooked us. I probably should not have sent a government gestapo agency on them........it was not appreciated.

So a week later after cutting off service, we get this letter from Centurylink informing us........we have just been connected to all the same services we just got disconnected from.

After more phone calls by TL to satanlink, we were informed that we were disconnected.........and that Mom had 26 bucks in charges due to her.

Yeah, the check was in the mail, and when it got here, satanlink found a way to charge her for things like taxes she already paid and the end check was under 20 bucks.

I guess we call this a win.....as it is not 73 bucks for nothing each month, it is not 50 dollars more in prepaid cell phone cards trying to get Centurylink to provide phone service........all from the mouths of Mexicans, and I had no idea that satanlink was so vested in the NSA for financial gain. I did know that the Obama NSA used satanlink to spy, intimidate and terrorize us in various things they were doing to make service shitty.

I hope Centurylink goes bankrupt and is absorbed by AT&T, as at least the mother corporatoin employs black women who will work and it employs Asians who are helpful.

Anyway that is the nightmare of Centurylink........is like trying to leave America in being fined or needing papers like Gestapo Germany. It cost me like 8 hours of phone on hold, 50 bucks in phone cards, two trips to the city library to get information, and about a month I will never get back because of all the delays and energy this caused. So the Obama terror Homeland did a great job in taxing me, but the blog still was published and only exposed more fodder for the public to digest in what is really taking place in this world.

Oh and that Obamatrade Nazi stuff of centralized control.......Centurylink type retaliation is coming to all of your services and against you trying to make a small job dollar, as once that trade czar is in place, thee entire weight of the state is going to gum up the works.

Hopefully I will never have to mention Centurylink again, unless I am moved to do an expose' in how this conglomerate is like most conglomerates in utilized to intimidate Americans and spy on them.

Nuff said.