Thursday, June 25, 2015

Your Finest Hour

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ask yourself if you were in a shadow department of the United States regime and your demon machines could remote view events like an asteroid striking earth.........imagine if your regime funded telescopes actually saw the infamous Planet X of yore,  the same planet that legend recorded "caused that war in the heavens when Jupiter was replaced as Saturn in the sky"......

What if you had this information and you sat down and discussed this with other learned people......and they started projecting out that if the mob knew this was going to happen in 7 years, 4 years, 3 1/2 years, 6 months, that they would decide that they of course were going to die, and what the point in being covered in the chains of modern regimes.....why go to work.....why pay bills........why not just shoot that ass who has been bothering you.....why not just take any damn thing you want.........

I have covered Wormwood in this blog, and return to the subject to point a few logical realities out. The Bible specifically speaks of a large object striking the earth and it speaks of the stars falling from heaven. Of course literal stars will not fall, but it will be meteors.
It has been projected out that for an event such as this to happen, there requires a "mother" object which is huge to have smaller planetoids, asteroids and meteors in it's skirt which then would be the objects of the Bible.

As something I have been inquiring on, there is information which points to a moon of Jupiter being displaced, Mars being rent, as earth will be, and something which hints at the earth's moon being removed during this period. A Biblical hint speaks of when Jesus returns that the sun and moon will no longer be required when Jesus returns as the Light of the may be that the Moon is going to be removed during this period.

All of this upheaval would require some semblance of a base for humans to behave. The protocols for satan require the removal of God's religions and the antiChrist and the image it is being worshipped in a worse mania than what Obama was served by in those now judged for eternal condemnation. Replace what is human history with fake history of humans being star children, that our gods were just super human people, and promise them an illusion of becoming extended life or immortals, and then the semblance of order from chaos appears, as if you are not going to die, that there is a future with an antiChrist, and you have a work in progression of what people are being prepared for.
It makes not any sense to store and save, to balance budgets or keep order, when the majority is going to be wiped out........why should the elite of satan fear God, when they have immortality in a false tree of life on the scales and the illusion of being like gods themselves.

This will be most humans worst hour. They will make the worst choice and it will degrade from there. People will become the demonic animals which satan has always drawn them to be.
Sure the rich call each other feigning "caring" so they get gossip about them in how nice they are, but it all reminds me of the microcosm of my Auntie Obama voter. Her husband was in business, her sons were athletes, so all the connections where there, and she gets smiled at all days of her life.......thing is in my studies in dressing down, these same richtard grinners go stone faced sober when it is someone they think is poor and unimportant. Yes you get the attention now, but when the time comes of the great tribulation, your powerful friends will carve your heart out to prolong their lives in a second.

The finest hour will be the worst. That is the reality and in that reality, most of you conning yourselves that you are not going to be a tool of satan and the antiChrist, have already proven by your current heinous deathstyles what you have been preparing to step into in being an image of the beast.

Figure it out with a cold slap of reality now, so you will not have to ignore the murderous creature you are. The time is coming and it was written of long ago.

Tick tock