Saturday, July 25, 2015

All the Corn in a Row

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most of you have read the review that a few minutes in nature changes the brain. I was thinking about that, as I every morning loll away too much time in just standing in my corn patch as mosquitoes buzz me.......but in this Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive I have something to explain to you as no one ever has.

I have told you that some people are cat, snake, dog, fish and whatever people. People choose animals which benefit them Spiritually. Some animals reflect energy, some wick energy off, some have nothing to feel.......all provide something for the human, and they expose the psychology of the human in great part in who they are.

Plants are the same way. Nature is a wicking device to cleanse the soul, as long as there is not some heinous predator murdering some bambi, things are pretty calm out there......providing no bugs are eating the trees to death, as bugs are not something in infestations which calm the human soul, but instead agitate it........unless it is certain species like dragon flies, butterflies etc....
This is not a bug review, so we move on.

People at different ventures in their lives need different plants. I do not mean in the least to expose Glenn Drowns of seed saving origins, but if you note the things which he has the most of in birds with feathers blue, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, are noting the vibrational frequencies which soothe him.
It is of interest that he does not like eating tomatoes that much, but he loves growing them. It is the living plants which are the frequency he requires.

I will be honest in I used to be a potatoe person. Loved growing them in how they felt and I still do. I used to grow many tomatoes too, but in what is taking place with me currently, I am very allured by corn.
It is of interest, that I hate weeds. Weeds grow in acid ground and have an incorrect signature in them, and I respond by recoiling from them.......although it is good therapy to go pull them out and kill them, as it vents frustrations.

There is a reason peoples garden besides food, and the English are a vegetarian lot who respond greatly to gardens and orchards.

What is interesting in me, is I like my corn. I am not the least attracted to my neighbors Monsanto GMO algae poison corn. It has no allure in the least. My corn though, even to specific varieties, draw me in. There is one I have been working on which really draws me. There is something about that variety which really fine tune calms me. I think I could spend hours out there if I had the time, staring blankly at those leaves as it is like a sedative.

All of my corns are heritage open pollinated types. That is though not to say that all appeal. I have some popcorns, but they do not draw me in, in fact those repel the squaw corns and the one sweet corn I have.
I like pumpkin and squash vines too as they draw me root crops and leafy veggies.

I place this before you, in plants do matter, and the plants people choose in that group which is in need of that salve, reveals psychologically about those people. For me, my gardens feel like a huge syringe is pulling toxic energies out of my chest. It is an interesting process which science has begun to touch on.

When I was in the metro last year, that was a very scarring experience. I could shield some, but when I focus on those millions of people, that entire city feels like a deep hole of misery, with more gravel falling into it, scarring those people hacking on each other. I could never go back to that, as I weep for those places in how toxic they are, and so many are there self inflicting on each other, doing great damage.
My little patio garden helped me a great deal. The few plants did a great deal in helping me get through that horrid experience as I look back on it. It honestly almost did destroy me. It was the worst gulag I have ever experienced.

I did notice something too, in it is not all crops which please me. I have been testing wheat, barley and oats, but these crops while they delight me, do not draw me in. They feel to high frequency, like the hissing of the wind to provide me the frequency I am looking for.

Chickens, the meat types feed the heart too in me. Not a great deal of expression, but the layers are quite busy......not comforting at this point. The Jerseys help a great deal, as they are like huge dogs now, but Baby Belle and Baby Daisy do not slobber like puppies.

You though should be aware of the necessity of plants. My daylilies please me as do the flowers God plants like milkweed and flowers I have no name for. You are attracted to frequencies which you are in need of. The plants you linger over, are the ones which are feeding your soul, heart, Spirit and aligning you from this toxic shock Obama sodom rationed death world.

There is nothing right or wrong in what you are attracted to. I like cabbages too, but it is not like people spend a great deal of time growing rows of cabbages. It is what you need though inside, and these plants have a signature of healing for you, just as animals do at times, and as God does all the time.
I do not state this is shamanism and you should never be involved in that false signature, but all living things have energies and they all communicate. Some life and some death. It is part of the plant remedy for this horrid experience all good people are being inflicted upon.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.