Friday, July 31, 2015

The Act of 1871


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The first Act of 1871 dealt with the unConstitutional seizure of American Rights in widespread repression in the American South in arresting people without warrant, without explanation in holding them indefinitely and White Americans tried by patriated Blacks who convicted them 100% of the time in fines and jail sentences.

The second part of this era was The Act of 1871 to reorganized Washington City into the Federal District of Columbia. The explanation of this was to manage the growing population now dependent upon this money laden city, which exploded under Federal Income Tax and the expansion of the socialist state under traitor Franklin Roosevelt.

In the nuance of the Act of 1871 though something changed in America, which opened the legal doorways into America to international criminal elements of the aristocratic elite of Europe and their Ashkenaz financiers led by the Rothschilds of Germany, Britain and France.

The basis of all of this was changing America from a Republic of Laws, to a Corporate Entity subject to the direction and laws  of those who dictated the terms.

For those who might dismiss this, the Lame Cherry posts the legal reality as provided by Cornell  University's Law Department and published on their site in Title 28 of the US Code, Section 15:

(15) “United States” means—
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

 The United States is not a "government" or "regime", but is literally a Federal Corporation, meaning she is a person legally, and in this context, she is a person who can be purchased in shares like a race horse, or a slave. That is most interesting as Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in America in 1865 in Emancipation, followed by the 14th Amendment, but within a few short years the Grant regime and Congress, who were now beholden the "money men" in the Indian Ring and their Rothschild financiers who were busy in America destroying the Constitution.
There is an entire history here which if I have time I will include, but for now, the focus is upon,  a reality, that when Abraham Lincoln was President, the United States was called, The United States ARE, as in separate Sovereign Nations, to their destruction in The United States IS, meaning a federal entity which became owned by the Indian Ring or Money Interests of Wall Street, and by the Jekyl Island scheme of Income Tax and the Federal Reserve which wrested from the United States Treasury, the ownership of American currency, to foreign ownership of these financiers from Europe and America.

For those ignorant of the 1860's, you are that group who were too speed reading this blog in the posts featured here by the father of Charles Lindbergh and others, who did not comprehend that there was the US Dollar, but in order to deal with Civil War debt, but not sell America to European finance, created Lincoln Greenbacks. The Greenback was the way of funding the war and taking control of it's entire currency, and not becoming a debtor state to foreign banks.
After Lincoln was assassinated by these elements, one of whom was a stooge in the Confederate Government, immediately the banking interests demanded the elimination of the Greenbacks, and they disappeared, and were traded in for American gold, and new Dollar debt. It is why America never balanced another budget.

I digress, but this is important in understanding why America does not behave like a government, a Republic, a democracy or a dictatorship. This elite international element instead employs the police state to terrorize the Citizens, uses the military to punish nations not agreeing to be looted, instructs the courts to criminalize Americans, and appoints an occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue to be the spokesperson of the corporate board dictating policy for their interests.

This is more than rejecting the charters of Washington City and Georgetown as this was promoted as. It became instead a revocation of the Constitution of the United States.
This all expanded "legally" to this Cornell University Law definitions:

(14) “State” means any of the several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, or any territory or possession of the United States.

So State has include those entities which are not States, but are now legal persons as part of this corporate dictatorship. It returns back to those definitions of IS and ARE. In this, the legal word was changed from The Constitution FOR the United States of America, to The Constitution OF the United States of America.

You must comprehend the legality of this, as one document is for the States and the other document which supplanted it, is OF the States, each comprise not as Sovereign Nations, but now one Federal corporate structure or person, as the United States is by legal definition a corporation, which has been turned into a slave which is owned and impressed into slave labor internationally from the federal level, to shackling each individual American.

While this information is an answer to what you are witnessing in why things are not working, for most people in this Age of Obama, they are less concerned about this interesting weapon pumping bullets into them in how it works, than that this thing is deadly and the focus of those aware is that it's effects are lethal.

It is an evil in the resident evil. It is one of the two Acts of 1871. One made America a slave and the other criminalized Americans to perpetual incarceration.

Now you are aware of what is murdering you and how it worked. You probably are not comforted, but I promised JS I would post on this story and I have kept my word.