Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Juncture of John McCain


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would wager that your first response in John McCain's well placed interview in the New Yorker in which he called all of you who are the growing majority in supporting Donald Trump as "crazies" that it fired you up more than even Donald Trump right in ........fusing you to Donald Trump and spiking your emotional support more?

“This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain said. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

That sort of sounds like Senator who has been prowling about the world as a quasi President in meeting with ISIS and forces in Ukraine..............

OK my children and my brats, what did the above just make you think?

Back engineer this.

Is John McCain a political idiot?

Not in the least. He suckered a majority of us by nominating Sarah Palin to vote for him did he not? He survived revolt in Arizona by the Tea he is politically savvy.

So will a Senator who is up for re election in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, really be issuing statements to make the "crazies" even more motivated, and the "centurists" into crazies?

I told you before that Mockingbird is 70% fact and 30% fiction. John McCain while posting a story to trigger an emotional response in you, so you stop thinking, just notched up another bead in the arc welder fusing you to Donald Trump.

Remember I told you that McCain stuck Lindsey Graham into this race to take the Carolina's off the primary win column of Jeb Bush. McCain is retaliating on the Bush family who destroyed his Presidential chances. That is why his gay son, Lindsey is in this race.

Now we have John McCain whining in his office to a reporter from the New Yorker about how crazy all of you Tea Party an T Party voters are, which he knows is waving a red flag in front of all of you.

So that helps Donald Trump, which cuts the ovaries off of whose campaigns? Why that would be Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.......both nemisis of John McCain and McCain is out to destroy them just like Ross Perot did to HW Bush.

Follow this through now..........

McCain has joined Elizabeth Warren........Hillary's nemesis on banking bill to protect you from a Greece meltdown........when that comes, who looks great? Jeb Bush who says to be more like Obama and Hillary who is Obama's manhood.......or does it make John McCain look like he should have been President?

John McCain called Trump "his friend" in political terms. Yes McCain laid out how Trump is going to warp the entire GOP, and McCain has spoken the reality that Donald Trump is not a flash in the pan. McCain knows this and is preparing for it.

John McCain knows that the political winds are a year away. If his work in nuking Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio become the law of the GOP, then all he has to do is get on stage with Donald Trump in Arizona, and say what a great guy he is, and how he can work with the Donald.
Trump gets support and backing.........and Trump received John McCain running interference for Trump in alerting all of you that the Donald had 4 marriages and he had Hillary at his wedding. That is fluttering the Mockingbird in telling the world not to be surprised  about your bird in the hand.

John McCain is politically savvy. Not a genius as the Bush people submarined  him and Sarah Palin in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord. But, this bastard in being cut off at the knees by George Bush and Karl Rove, did nothing but be a stick up George Bush's ass for Bush's entire Presidency.

I am not saying that John McCain is a friend of the right. I am stating that at this juncture John McCain has weighed this out in his political agenda to play both sides of the issue in being a company man, and cementing Donald Trumps support to Trump, while slicing a few more Cassius wounds into Caesar Bush's back along with Toga Rubio.

I mentioned previously, that this is all about ridding both parties of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, so Obama's image does not get a 3rd term. John McCain is busy stabbing people in the back. Just do not react as he intends in not being aware of what just was instigated, due to your emotions.
Just be pleased John McCain is the scamp in the street pelting the ponies in the harness to make them spook and run his money is on who will beat Jeb Bush as that is what McCain is all about.

Be as crazy as McCain wants you to be, but be crazy like a fox. Use John McCain and use him well, as he intends to use you for his purposes.

Perhaps John McCain if your Hensley booze fortune donated to the Lame Cherry, I would be out fishing today and not exposing your nefarious activities, so you would still have your cover.
Million dollar book deal JM. That is only like 600,000 after taxes.