Thursday, July 16, 2015

MY ABDULAZEEZ and image Obama's Terrorist


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Washington DC

Today in a tragic set of circumstances directly the fault of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt, along with the NRA, an innocent, deeply religious immigrant, had placed within his immigrant hands, a weapon as he felt so very persecuted by Donald Trump and the extreme white wing of the Republican Party, and in an attempt to return the weapon, to safeguard the children of America from gun violence, inadvertently discharged it several times.


The fault was not in the least MY ABDULAZEEZ's responsibility as this once again points to the absolute irresponsible training of the Pentagon of US soldiers, as if they had proper training, they would have been able to elude these bullets, accidentally discharged in this event.

Justice Department of course will be investigating for MY ABDULAZEEZ to ascertain just how the US military made this innocent immigrant feel threatened enough to endanger his life, by attempting to return a dangerous weapon to an institution which has nothing but murderous weapons, which have murdered thousands of Muslims since 2008.

The astute will note that this event took place in that most hostile environment of Tennessee, home to extreme right wing presidential candidate, Rand Paul and the extreme right wing leader of the senate in Mitch McConnell.

People would think that after Fort Hood, that the irresponsible military would have taken measures to protect their dangerous institutions, so that these innocent devout Muslims would not once again be the victim of a violent American culture as on 9 11.

The rainbow America awaits breathlessly for the response from the champion of all the illegal immigrants in the image of Barack Hussein Obama, to once again appear with Joe Biden, and state that this is now the 16th time he has had to appear, as the image calls for more gun control measures and the absolute removal of that most incendiary of objects, in the American Flag flying over these military compounds.

Certainly the good people of Tennessee will now rally to bring down that emblem of all that is evil in America, the American Flag, and the NAACP will join in to demand that the faces of Mount Rushmore will be sandblasted away as Stone Mountain Georgia, and that President John F. Kennedy, a military man, will be dug up like Nathan Bedford Forrest, and deposited at a new location where peaceful people will not have to be inflicted upon, by these violent leaders of the past.

The reality of all of this are the facts that if there were no guns in America, was not any Pentagon in America, was not an American Flag in America, if there were not Christians in America, and if there were not Americans in America, then MY ABDULAZEEZ, would have had another peaceful day in the world of Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama.

Praise be Barack Hussein Obama's image for the wonderful policies of keeping all illegal immigrants safe in ridding the world of the American Flag, American guns, American military, American Christians and the worst of all, Americans.

Note*  For the Obamavoter, the above is satire, but the exact actions which the Obama regime has carried out in genocide of Americans.
There is one group responsible for turning ABDULAZEEZ into another Muslim Domestic Terrorist and that is the regime of the image of Barack Hussein Obama.