Friday, July 31, 2015

The New York Times Bombastism


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you think that Michelle Obama shuffles around the White House bare feet, eating watermelon as Barack Obama strummed on the olde banjo?

That is an obvious, as much as do you think that Maureen Dowd gets out of bed and puts on a feather boa as that is what all rich people do on the east coast?

Of course, none of you are that dense, and yet I bring this up, as a continued exposure of just how absolutely out of touch with reality Maureen Dowd is in her racism, Christophobia and hatred for America.

On February 8th, 2004, (Yes I could take a cheap shot in saying most little girls are dreaming of Valentine's Day and not Dick Cheney, but that would be something Dowd would do.) Dowd typed up MURDER MOST FOWL.

The location for this is the Mellon land, you know the Mellons who sponsor PBS crap you do not want to watch. There is on a parcel of land there a hunt, riding, golf, fishing, swimming club, which the elite can go to, to do those things.
Maureen Dowd hates it, as she would never be invited to such a place and Dick Cheney almost purchased a house there, as he liked the area so much.

I give the Dowd quote as in racism in the article she calls Justice Scalia "Nino) and as she rants about no WMD's in Iraq, which has now conclusively been proven propaganda, as Saddam Hussein had WMD's and WMD's were found:

"Here he  was fresh from presenting a crystal dove to an obviously perplexed pope, stolidly waiting for the club's pheasant wranglers to shoo the doomed birds into his line of fire. He had killed only seventy or so the last time out. But this time he was convinced that the bird population could sustain more casualties. Quack and Awe."

Here are the facts and Dowd is proven a liar.

There is not anywhere recorded that the Pope was perplexed upon meeting Vice President Cheney.

The Catholic News Agency issued this press release:

Cheney presented the Pope with a crystal dove and delivered greetings from President George W. Bush.
In response, the Pontiff said he was pleased “to welcome you and your family to the Vatican and to receive the cordial greetings which you bring from President Bush.”

 For the hunt club, the reality is the TribLive article issues no information which Dowd spews.

The excursion was sponsored by Dan Cook, an investment banker who runs the Dallas office of Goldman Sachs. He had invited Cheney on a hunting trip in 2003 at Rolling Rock.
Also in the hunting party were former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum; Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association; and Tom Hicks, CEO of Dallas-based Hicks Holdings, one of the groups that in December purchased Latrobe Steel Co. Hicks' group owns baseball's Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League.
The group included Sam Fox, former state finance chairman of the Bush-Cheney campaign; Stephen Friedman, chairman of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board; Fred Eckert, a lobbyist and former U.S. representative from New York; L. Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center and a Tribune-Review columnist; and Dick Scarlett, CEO of United Bancorporation of Wyoming.
Secrecy was the watchword.

As no information exists on the story, I can tell you that the Pittsburgh Trib reporter who was there, noted it was a day for duck hunting, and in that Maureen Dowd mixes in pheasants, and apparently has no idea in her cleverness that pheasants CACKLE and ducks QUACK, or she would have stated CACKLE AND AWE to be correct, but what difference does that make when we all think that Obama and the Mrs. got bar foot as they chaw on chicken avery nigh.

It is reprehensible what these pseudo intellectuals in their racism and bigotry get away with in disparaging Americans.

I can tell you from experience that eastern pheasant hunts are all canned or a hunt where birds are raised in pens, and then turned loose to be harvested. It makes no difference if a Mexican cuts the head off your Chic Fillet or Dick Cheney shoots a bird, as that bird is dead either way, and that is how each of you eat daily.

Mr. Cheney could not be assured that the numbers could sustain more casualties in deaths, because pen raised birds are rather finite and you pay for each one killed like at the grocery. That is another Dowd ignorance.
Also in this, there is not any way that a wild pheasant club could ever sustain 70 bird bag limits as in England, Scotland or Spain, as those types of bags nature can not sustain, but for the royals.

This hunt club in Pennsylvania is 10,000 acres or 36 sections or what is know in western states as a Towship in size. That is the reality, and the rest is conjecture. What is vital in this though, whether one is vegan or in favor of gun rights is Maureen Dowd was caught again lying to the public in her columns. Her information is tainted with racism and bigotry, but worst of all in this, is she makes things up....or she cuts and pastes in plagiarism OTHER LIBERAL SCREEDS and does not give them credit.

In a reality check, all this racism and bigotry began in sodomite San FranciscoGate, with a screed about fat lazy white men, and it was source linked to some Humane Society post which has now been taken down, perhaps because it was more propaganda from some unbalanced soul.
So there is not any official record of how many birds were harvested or how. The only reporter there was from the Pittsburgh Tribune, and not SanFrangate, but the reality is Maureen Dowd harvested her foul propaganda from a propagandist from another propagandist.

I could explain a reality of cabbages scream and bleed clear sap, but you do not notice their deaths. I could explain the reality that hatcheries hatch pheasants, creating jobs, pheasants are raised creating jobs, pheasants are killed, feeding people and allowing a hunt club to have riding stables for scores of little Pennsylvania children to get away from Face Book and into Ronald Reagan saddles........but that does not undo the reality that Maureen Dowd lied to the public and she termed all the people of Pennsylvania and the rest of America who enjoy the outdoors, hunting, riding horses, owning guns as rednecks.

Mockingbird is not getting it's million dollars worth out of  Maureen Dowd as it is embarrassing how ignorant she is in taking advantage of her cartel overlords. It reflects in how all the democratic underground pounced on the above in being clueless, just how these intellectuals are all fraud. This is one story in a post of numbers of stories which have exposed Maureen Dowd as uniformed, ignorant, a liar and a plagiarist of her own ilk.

This is posted as a matter of record and as a caveat, I have never been on a canned hunt in my life, nor would it interest me. I prefer shooting empty shotgun shells with a pellet rifle off of weeds as I do in practice. I am not though going to take jobs from people involved in this, as the reality is if the cartel wildlife destruction policy was not in force, America would never need canned hunts, as game animals would be flourishing if not for all those damned large predators being raised to dine on people when the deer run out.

Maureen Dowd is not only always wrong about America and Americans, she is a liar, uninformed and a plagiarist. The New York Times finest.