Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Truth About Lion Hunting


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to keep hammering the Cecil issue, as it is too important, considering the ignorance in all of this, in I have yet to read one report which was factual on this lion hunt from Homo Hannity to the Whatever press trying to tie in Donald Trump to this hunt, as his manly son shot a leopard on a hunt.

For the record, Walter Palmer was on a legal hunt in Zimbabwe. That means that BLACK AFRICANS were the ones who in the Obama supported Robert Mugabe regime, were selling lion licenses for 50,000 dollars per trophy.
Now for the reality check:

Lion hunts in Zimbabwe are not rare. Zimbabwe in fact has numerous concessions with Professional Hunters who are allotted numbers of tags to fill each year. This money goes to the regime to protect and expand wildlife protection.
Cecil was not rare. He was part of one the largest groups of trophy lions marketed in the world by Zimbabwe. The eco terrorists would have you believe that this was some single male, and some stalking lesser male in this park. That is not the case, as Zimbabwe prides itself as free range hunting of lions. ALL LIONS are open to be shot, providing they are not in a refuge.

"A great deal has been said about canned lion hunting, but we can assure you that this Zimbabwe lion hunt is for free ranging lions in large, unfenced areas. With strict quotas in all hunting areas, lion populations within the areas that you will hunt in are healthy, therefore giving the hunter a very high chance of being able to have a successful chance of fulfilling their goals of hunting a truly wild, large maned lion.”

There has been a deliberate "change the conversation in this" to hate the rich white male in Minnesota in Walter Palmer, in trying to smear him sexual harassment charges and moving a bear in Wisconsin, but the fact is the two culprits who conducted this hunt in Zimbabwe were Zimbabwean, and here is a shocker, Honest Ndlovu, sounds like a black man is a black African.
Ndlovu, owned the game park for hunting in which the hunt was conducted on, which is next to the refuge where the lion was protected. Theo Bronkhorst conducted the hunt.

What follows is conjecture, but I know enough of this insider dealings of rural people, to know what this hunt was. Baiting is legal in Africa to hunt lions. The Oxford funded study group who was monitoring Cecil is not going to ever release the data, but I know this male lion was off that refuge at night more than it was ever on it.
I will repeat that point. This lion was off the park reserve, and was leaving spoor, making kills, driving animals off kills, roaring to announce himself and endangering people while killing the plains game which these hunting units make the majority of their funding each year.

So it was decided upon that a bait would be dragged behind a range rover, which is common practice. In this, a zebra or some large non food animal for humans is harvested on a license, and perhaps allowed to taint, and then it was dragged all along the refuge border where they knew this damn lion was prowling around at night.
The bait was then placed before a blind. The hunter entered the blind and I am presuming that around dark or in twilight Walter Arnold was told to take the shot with a crossbow.

For those who have never been in this situation, there is nothing like sitting in an enclosure which would not stop a tse tse fly, little alone a several hundred pound lion. The hunter hears it come, as they are being bitten by insects. They listen to it feed, and if the shot was late, he is given the shot with a touch to their arm, and with blood pressure of around 300 over 200, he or she takes the shot, and sometimes the shot goes wrong.

Wind affects shots, nerves affect shots, humidity affects shots, who the hell knows what voodoo affects shots, but sometimes arrows do not go where they are supposed to in cramped hides, and from the pictures of this lion, I would say it was liver shot.
Walter Palmer was fortunate he never was killed after the shot or the follow up the next day.

Palmer was sick at blowing the shot and was only too glad to get it over. I have no explanation for the lion head mount, but that is personal choice like abortions or voting for Obama. 
I also have no idea how stupid these professionals were.........oh and if you hear these idiots making comments about "blinds" they are uniformed as calling them "guides". Americans have blinds and guides. In Africa, you have hides and PH or Professional Hunters. They take great pride in that title in Africa.
Back to the stupid part, is that these PH reported the dead lion as is  required and that it had a collar on it. That should have ended it, if it were not for another change the subject media blitz.
In reality, I conclude that Walter Palmer was an idiot from Minnesota. Believe me there are lots of well trained buffoons in Minnesota who jump when the DNR tells them about stupid regulations and they obey. Palmer probably was upset about that collar, and what the PH should have done is skinned that damn lion, loaded the carcase in the range rover, drove it 20 miles, waited a day, then drove it another 20, dumped it into a ravine, and let the hyenas eat this old lion and Oxford find the chewed on bones. It is the old American "shoot shovel and shut up", even with RFID predators which the US Fish and Wildlife is raising to kill Americans and their pets. 

So what we have here is this:

Robert Mugabe protected by image Obama profits off of lion killing and killing white people.

Two enterprising Zimbabweans, led by a black named Honest Ndlovu, knew Cecil was prowling around out of the park, along with other lions, and decided to bag him, for an American who ............well was on that Ted Nugent agenda of shooting arrows into things which will kill you.
Somewhere in this, the PH does indeed have elephant rifles to protect the client, but they were not used and the lion got away before an anchor shot could be administered. The PH not being a damn fool, did not wade into the darkness to find the lion, but waited for daylight, and am deducing by the photo, a range rover was used as a follow up to put down one lion that was not in a good mood.

There was not any regulation I could find on shooting after dark, which is against the law in America, but Africa has it's own rules, just like the cartel removing DDT to kill off blacks as fewer of them make it easier to plunder these nations with all these liberal Obama backed dictators.

This was a black leader who was behind this protected by image Obama, and a black land baron who probably got the land when it was confiscated from White Farmers as that is what Mugabe did when running the Whites out of Rhodesia. None of that though is going to be looked into or published as the world is too busy joining Muslim militants and Planned Parenthood butchers while pretending they are on the right. 

As Peter Hathaway Capstick said in his elephant control work, he would have rather cropped a load of Africans instead and kept the elephants. In reality, the astute after witnessing all the left wing trash which is attacking Walter Arnold, it stands to reason that cropping Cecil should have been joined by a few hundred thousand idiot people.............but then wait a moment, Obama did just that in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq........etc....

Let the dim minds focus on Cecil.  It only has them leave spoor for the Robespierre courts to dispatch them. You at least now are aware of a few more facts in lion hunting, in the real laws and regulations.

Oh and for the record, the first people who shot Cecil were the English of Oxford. They shot him and that is how that tracking collar was put on him........Cecil did not appreciate that sharp dart in his ass either.

Hunt Zimbabwe and hunt often. It just takes a 19 year old American girl named Kendall Jones to do a better job of it.