Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Feces" in Hamburger


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Numbers of you have by now heard of the meat scare propagated by "Consumer Reports" which went out and bought packages of beef hamburger and then released the sensational headline that there was feces in all of this meat, which the cartel stooges in the destroy American agriculture's last non corporate vista in beef raising have turned into propaganda.

I knew this report was bullshit the minute I heard it, but I am busy and had to do a bit of investigating to explain what is really taking place.

First of all, beef feces is not human feces. Beef feces is grass and grain, not what humans consume. In fact, fresh bovine feces more manure was used as a treatment for nail punctures in feet as the live enzymes killed the germs which caused blood poisoning or tetanus.

Second, you have to know that the "feces" is sometimes manure, but in most cases the 'feces' is bacteria, meaning the bacteria in the intestine which breaks down grass and grain to amino acids to feed the animal.

Thirdly, I will take you through the process of processing animals. They are first electrocuted which is less humane than being bashed over the head with a sledge as used to be the humane way. This causes excrement to come out of the animal, and animals in transit do have manure on their hides.
The animals are hung and gutted, and then skinned. Any of these situations can cause back splash on the carcass.

In butchering, in the large plants of the name brands, meat does end up on the floor and these sweepings do end up in hotdogs, salami and even hamburger, as nothing is wasted.
Yes intestines are washed, as large intestines are used for bologna skins, but when there is miles of this stuff into the same water, trace bacteria is going to appear.

Before you start gagging and reeling over this, know that in your drinking water, 3% of it can have "feces" and as it is chlorinated you eat it ever day, just like you eat insect excrement on all your spinach, apples and whatever........but then Consumer Reports never decides to look at bug shit in conglomerate America.

If you have noticed, no one is getting sick eating this feces in water, meat or veggies. As most of you are ignorant about history, you will be unaware that American Indians just loved as a delicacy buffalo intestines, and would wrap them on their arms like yarn, and unwashed, suck them down like it was prize lobster.......and no none of them even burped or died from it, as there is no harm in eating this bacteria.

This is how all of you are deceived and lied to, in order to destroy one of the few remaining independent agricultural groups in America. There is far more "shit" in your cereal and on your vegetables than is ever in your beef. Again, what is being called "feces"  is probably bacteria, and it harms no one.

It is just a reality you will never be told the facts on, unless a Lame Cherry is around to explain what is the reality. I know all of this stuff, and it is why I NEVER eat foreign beef, I never eat ground anything unless it is locally produced and I know the shoppe, and why I never believe a blessed thing coming out of Consumer Reports or any of these other stooges who make a living doing this stuff and take grant money.

For the record, your mouth has more deadly germs in it than a toilet bowl and your desk has more germs at work has more germs on it than a bathroom floor.

I would be upset not by bacteria in hamburger which Indians chucked down with relish, and more furious at being manipulated again in another damnedable scare scam from the new world order.  Licking your skin has more dangerous feces material on it than your burger.

Cook your meat or be like Cecil the lion eating the guts first or an American Indian chucking down yards of it. I prefer my hamburger grilled well done, my steaks rare and I never eat those hotdogs as I know what is in them.