Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Jeb Bushmas Story


As another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

I have decided to keep a list as it keeps growing of how inept Jeb Bush is in everything this 2016 campaign is about.

  • Jeb Bush decided he did not need voters, so he instead courted billionaire fags for donations
  • Jeb Bush told the Republicans that the Reagan era was dead.
  • Jeb Bush told the Republicans that they all had to be more like Obama
  • Jeb Bush decided being pictured in an Uber car with a Hillary voter was a good idea
  • Jeb Bush chose to have Megyn Kelly attack Donald Trump as he hid on stage
  • Jeb Bush thought that looking presidential looked like a fossil
  • Jeb Bush announced that Americans just need to work 80 hours a week to propser
  • Jeb Bush chose Mexican invaders over Americans
  • Jeb Bush then told Mexicans they were great as they had allot of sex
  • Jeb Bush stereotyped the GOP as an old white guy party
  • Jeb Bush announced he "used to be a Conservative", but Conservatives terrorize people now.
  • and as of late.......

Jeb Bush decided to try and keep up with Donald Trump and use the world anchor babies. Then Jeb Bush explained his statement that he was not speaking about invader babies, but instead hated Asian babies born in America, whose parents were here legally.

Jeb Bush is as one reader noted, a Jebpetto, an absolute wooden head with nothing in it, and in what is some kind of macabre "fuck the Bush family over", whoever is controlling the strings in this Jeb Bush 2016 campaign is putting Bush into all of these idiotic situations.

I no longer believe Jeb Bush is this stupid and vacuous. I am considering that his billionaire script writers are telling Jeb, that they will get him the nomination, but that he has to just keep on saying and doing the things they order him to do.

Bush was a fraud as Governor of Florida in murdering Terri Schiavo, but he at least lied as a Republican well. What this Jeb Bush is...........is just beyond belief in no one could be this idiotic every time he opens his mouth or the stupid things he chooses to do.

Tell the world "Hey I'm a racist and I hate Asian babies" serves absolutely no purpose. It alienates Asians who have money forever. It does not help Bush with Latinos in the least, but all it does is say, The land of the Bush is the home of the racist.

Jeb Bush is dumb as a stump in the forest. If you look at his photos which are now his trademark, he looks like that stupid ass kid from the Christmas story who was warned not to shoot his eye out and did.

That is Jebus Bush......dumb as a post and stupid as a stump in the forest.