Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Suckering the Suck Heads


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I just love the learning curve.

What do I mean?

What did you learn my babies from the stock markets around the world surging?

Nothing I suppose.

OK here is what you should have learned.

You learned that after a massive collapse in China for 3 weeks, it still took Geithner and comrades, an entire Monday to administer looting hundreds of billions of dollars from investors, before by magic, "stocks are surging again".

US stocks surge after China cuts rates to help economy
Stocks surged Tuesday morning on Wall Street, erasing some of the heavy losses of a day earlier, after China cut interest rates to try to boost the world's second-largest economy. Traders around the...
World News - Associated Press Aug 25, 10:52 am CT
 • The Latest: US stocks stay higher; home sales rebound
 • US stocks surge after China cuts rates to help economy

Is this investors?


This is Geithner E currency making more debt for you which you owe. This is the reserves of oil nations like Saudi Arabia now being depleted back into their markets, as they coordinate, read that as, are ordered to do this, or their militant minions will rise up and cut their heads off. That is what China was forced to do.

You have to get this, the money is not coming to America or the West, this is about bankrupting these nations.

Now why would this be necessary?

What does bankruptcy breed? It breeds intensity in populations. It breeds war aggression, and nations with depots at the head, soon enough have whispered to them, that it is better to maybe deploy their masses in a war, accept their cities being obliterated, so that the despots will be saved to rule.

You do happen to remember that the Americans and Allies never bombed Warburg American interests in Germany right? You do remember that the Rockefellers and Hammer were doing business in the Soviet Union when no one else was right in the Cold War?

This is the sucker play for the biggest Suck Heads on the planet, the American wealthy investors. They will not pull their money out of the markets as they are hoarders. They will now after being terrified they will lose everything, now have been shown that all is safe in the markets, and will forget about all of this in a day.

Ah, they looted globally over a trillion dollars the past few days, but the rich are glad as they are told it is all long term and they can recoup their losses............and then will come another plunge driving down stocks.

For those clueless, there are models in this and they have been cut to the edge, to what every price is being dropped. Commodities are dropping......but oh wait, there was corn rising in the futures yesterday while all else tanked.
Gee I wonder who is rewarding the people who have corn shares, for those bio fuels.

Every cent of this has been factored in. This is the plateau, before it drops again. They do not want a panic yet. The cartel is in the process of suckering the suck heads to deplete their reserves and to stay around to be sheared later.

Take a bow Suck Heads, as you are the biggest Suck Heads around.

The Lame Cherry is smiling.