Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dear Richard and Stephanie

Today someone wrote that they finally obtained a job. I am thankful for hearing things like that and noted another gal donated 10 dollars which I assume is a widows mite which grieves me.

I do worry about everyone, including you. There is another Texan who fires phasers at me sometimes which I enjoy who TL noted was tagged on Facebook in his child had now some land in the country. That made me feel a great deal better as I will assume that is an escape hatch for him and those he loves.

I know that things will not smash to pieces over night. It is not in the interests of those doing this to cause that kind of panic. The markets are like the frog in a frying pan, or death by a million mosquitoes. One does not think they are in trouble, but soon enough a million drops of blood has you drained.

I have so much to write and things are piling up. That is what I wanted to alert everyone to, in the next two days there are going to be stand alone exclusives, as I want you to be aware of them, as they are as great of a situation as any we face.....in exposing sadistic abuse and exposing how we all have been lied to.

If I had money, I would have some cash on hand. I did ask God about this a few weeks ago and that is what He said. We were to leave things, as TL had a 401K in a previous job, and just trust in God. It is all a matter of taxes and assessing things though. I do not have absolute information on this, but what I conclude will happen is prices will fall as the money is gone, and those with some money will be able to buy land and whatever.

That is what I wanted to discuss in, I would not be concerned about passports revoked or things like that. As my Grandfather always told me, "It is not illegal if you don't get caught". As Stephanie has family in the great north, I would though make it a point that if became necessary to have a rendezvous point if a Canuck escape would be necessary. I know that North Dakota is buzzing with drones, but all the same who knows in that fenceless domain when you are going off on a hike where the hell boundaries are. Getting a pick up at a meeting point is as good as any passport in a pinch.

I am going to try and write about the gold situation in what I believe is the game there. It is hard in this, as I am out of sleep and more piles up........got to put out a Donald fire tonight yet.....nice part about that is I can write as a video is playing.......last night we watched Sgt. York and I plinked along on the keyboard.

I would not worry about things as home for us is where TL and I are in just being together. Just need to discuss contingencies and prepare for them, and I have been practicing my Canadian in I do a very good Charles Adler in blending in.

I know people have to work and have jobs and homes. They do need to be aware though about how to get to point A and B. I do worry about things as when God does not do things for me, I start wondering what he has up in the long term in where He is going to stick me. It is where I will go though, but I do have to keep in mind God has His plans too.

The one good part of a depression is, more people without money, means they are not out skulking around as much and more apt to just be burning down Walmart as the mob always attacks the things it is familiar with.

I have to go start things again offline.....is the way it is, I rotate things in "rest" is typing while the body reclines and the mind gets tired, it is time to get up and do something else.

I see the damn coons ripped into my sweet corn that satan flattened with a big wind blast....chewed up the squaw corn too.....some sign in that I suppose, but other corn was working out. Just have to shoot that coon after a little bait and throw it in the weeds where it will disappear.

Odd thing about laws in when normal people never tell the police on themselves the police never know a damn thing, and when the elites commit the big crimes, the cops never touch them as the police never tell on the elite.

With love, LC