Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Wolf Dressed As A Sheep

Jimmy with pedophile terrorist Arafat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One of the friends of this blog wrote to me, suggesting that all of us pray like Art Bell did with his audience for California rain, and a monsoon was released.
Mr. Bell later swore off any more mass mediation, as he discerned he might just make a hurricane worse or steer it to more damage.

I am honest here, and what I am about to disclose, will probably offend, but not for the above reasons would I not pray for Jimmy Carter in it may bring worse, but for the reasons that Jimmy Carter's time on earth set forth a clacker effect where everything suffered worse by what he did.
It started with the death of the Shah of Iran, and has continued with his family, and it began with US Soldiers dead and pissed on by Ayatollahs in the Iranian desert in failed hostage rescue, Brzezinski muhajadeen creation to get the Soviets..........

and left Reagan's dead Marines, an Iraq Iran War. The murder of President Sadat of Syria.

This then brought about the Bush41 Iraq War.

This then brought about Clinton's Kosovo War for the Saudi's in a Muslim homeland in Europe. The murder of Prime Minister Rabin. Embassy bombings all through Africa and the first Twin Towers attack. Black Hawk down in Somalia is the bastard of Jimmy Carter.

This then brought about 9 11, the Bush43 Wars.

This then brought about Birther Hussein Obama Chin and his image, in murderous dope wars to install communists in Muslim lands, and the nuclear expansion of Iran.

This is going to bring about the vaporization of New York City and global WMD warfare in the future.


Jimmy with Asian terrorist Kim

What is done is done. Jimmy Carter was a nemesis for every President from Ronald Reagan onward. Carter has been busy not caring about America or the world, but using Saudi oil money to build his Carter center, attack and weaken the Jewish state for terrorists and pedophiles, all for his "legacy" to be attempted to be changed from failure to success.

Jimmy Carter is desperate for glory. He has brought nothing but murder and mayhem to the world.

So I will not pray for Jimmy Carter's healing, as he has caused the murder of Americans from TWA Flight 800 to 9 11. I will though use Jimmy Carter as a tool to tarnish the Obama regime. I will in that be honest, not to uplift Carter, but to bring reality in how notorious Obama is. In that, I will make certain in giving Carter the best advice for his legacy in his lusted after funeral. I will be Christian about all of this, but the best solution for the world is Jimmy Carter dead and forgotten, except for the devastation his misguided human rights and moralism has scarred the planet.

Jimmy Carter was a traitor to America. He attempted to enlist the Soviets to hinder Ronald Reagan's election in 1980........this the Soviet's declined.

All of this is not going to be forgotten by me, and it is not diplomatic in bringing it up, but I will not produce white lies now that Carter is dying from a neutralization solution by the Obama regime. Jimmy Carter is the worst President in United States history, and Barack Obama is the best usurper who was the most successful in destroying America.

One did it for good and brought ruin, and the other did it for evil in utter ruin.

I relish the day Jimmy Carter is dead. I wonder about his being Judged by Christ, as he hid in his Baptist dogma, while being nothing but a meddler and a backstabber which got more people murdered and brought on the grave to America.

I say this before Carter is dead, and will not praise him in death. I doubt any will who are not hired for the mouth whore job, as all in the left know what Carter is. The Clinton's hate him. The Bush's hate him. Nancy Reagan finds him distasteful and the best thing for America would have been if he would have been run over by Billy at the peanut warehouse and Gerald Ford would have gained a second term, and Ronald Reagan followed President Ford.

There are many things and people in this world to pray for, for their recovery and their good. Jimmy Carter is not one of them. He is as foolish as good King Hezekiah who prayed to live and that then produced the Obama of Israel in evil Manasseh.


Jimmy with dope terrorist Castro

Jimmy Carter has the best advice for the god he serves and lusts after in legacy. I have given him what he desired. It is up to him to follow the counsel, but I doubt that arrogant fool will and will instead be again a part of an event which Americans will find as distasteful as the pet cat puking on the Thanksgiving table.

I apologize for offending, but there are few politicians in this world who have my wrath on the Obama scale, but Jimmy Carter is one such wolf dressed as a sheep.