Saturday, August 22, 2015

Your Economic Crystal Balling

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I am delighted that the Stock Market is finally beginning it's implosion. The poor people of the planet are just as delighted as what good did all that money ever do them, as the richtards never donated anything, never helped the poor in their all they did was take Obama bribes and use the excuse of "Well we pay high taxes so that is how we give to the poor".
Tough tit sister, now you are the one being robbed and you are without the God umbrella, as you proved what a richturd you were in leaving Lazarus eat crumbs off your table as you lived in luxury.

For the reality of the poor, I will have some economic advice at the end of this post.

For the reality it of all, the Stock Market has been propped up since 2008, when Obama initiated public larceny of the United States Treasury, looting the Bush43 TARP money for his own bribery schemes, which involved paying off his Berlin masters of the global elite to 7.3 trillion dollars in America alone, being dumped into the Stock Market.
That is how one artificially inflates stocks, and makes it appear the economy is prospering, all the while a bigger ponzi scheme is being enacted, exactly as the Allan Greenspan Dotcom bust robbed Americans and set off the retaliation of 9 11.

What I keep telling you though, and it is something you do not comprehend is that money just does not disappear. OK get this, Obama Geithner bump 7.3 trillion dollars into the Stock Market and an equal amount into Quantative Easing, or debt buying, which props up the bond market, and then all these investment risk banks start buying debt off of each other in derivative schemes of shifting the currency around so it gets lost.
So the Stock Market goes up, and you think you have money, but you do not have money, as the market goes down. It is like the old carnival scheme of letting you invest 5 dollars, letting you win 10 dollars, and in the end you find out you are down 20 dollars.
So you buy a stock at 25, it hits 100, and by the end of this you are out 90 as the price plunges to 10 dollars. You have been robbed of 15 dollars per share, and Americans via the Treasury have been robbed 75 dollars per share in the Obama Geithner money dumps. That money went into the market, buying something, so someone got that money ..........and those who got that money were the Conglomerates, who took that bribed of cash, took your money, and when it all collapses, they get their stocks back for pennies, still holding those trillions, and you are broke............but wait, you owe 7.3 trillion in bond debt...but wait it gets better as your Federal Reserve which is a corporation which you are responsible for the debt of, just bought 7.3 trillion in debt backing up the original you Americans owe 14.6 trillion dollars..and your left ovary.

What has not been focused upon is that after China devalued their currency, that Goldman Sachs swept in to stabilize things, and literally was buying up trillions of dollars in stock off the market, which was being dumped. That is the cash cow save feature. It makes no difference what the price of the stocks are, as that debt being incurred is part of the ponzi scheme, and it will bring the house down as it is intended as in 2008. The reality is though my children and my get this.

Are you ready?

Are you paying attention?

Not watching Facebook feed right?

Ok, here is the reality, in 2008 the markets were plunged in part to install Birther Hussein to loot the Treasury of America in this massive scheme, but in 2016 the plunge is not to put someone into office, but to take someone out of office.

No this is not about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It is much bigger than that. This is about how all this money piracy disappears and everyone finds prosperity again.

What am I speaking of? I am speaking of that thing which always in the apocalypse follows currency wars, trade wars.......yes hot wars.

The way the financial system works is a war is started every time, and a chosen nation is looted upon victory. The problem is Christian Germany no longer exists to loot another time as the Fatherland was looted in two world wars, so all that is left is what Hitler was after to expand Germany........and that is mother Russia.

Yes children, this is all about Russia. Russia is the war, to break up China, and to hide all that criminal mischief which the Obamalings have been busy criminally embezzling for world domination since the last war. That is why Vladimir Putin is the target, why the cartel is trying to start a war with Russia, all for the lovely point in this phase of what is to come, to wipe out the paper trail, and then go in and loot Russia of all her wealth, while cropping a few billion people out of the gene pool.

I have posted on this for several years in what the matrix was revealing in an economic fast deflating. It is a pattern we all know the pattern of. Those idiot rich farmers are so over extended again, that they never learned a thing from the past. Sucker them with high grain prices, then pull the plug after the idiots buy up inflated land and machinery, and then as the bottom starts falling out of everything, their Monsanto record production crops are worthless, but they still have the high bills.
Monsanto has been pulling this all through the 3rd world, in the Rothschilds stealing land as dolt Indian farmers commit suicide over Monsanto debt. America agriculture is facing the same reality again as it did in the 1970' should be worse but HAARP has been making it rain by cooking the atmosphere.
Odd thing about it, is reports keep coming in, how for the past year, NORTH winds out of Canada are actually warm in the United States, while south winds are the cool winds. Yes California and the west coast burns Europe, but who cares about them and their ivory tower lives. Got to keep Archer Daniels, Cargill and George Soros in grain, as grain is what is going to really cause them billions to sell their souls for a loaf of bread.

So what have you got in your Crystal Balling you are getting? You are going to be robbed and there is nothing you can do about it. The richer you are, the more cemented you will be in being too terrified to move. You try to leave America, and they will shut your passport down and confiscate your cash. This is the gulag and that is your reality for the future.
This is going to continue really should not have any debt......been stating that for years, but few people listen.
Gold is not going to save you, and you rich should know God is not going to save you either, because you were uncaring, self serving satan tools when you had the money and showed no mercy on anyone, so do not expect Mercy from God. Hell awaits you.

The advice I have for poor people is simple really. If I had 50 or 100 dollars to spare, I would before things go any further, buy some vegetable seeds......a few years supply and learn now to save seeds while you have the internet yet to do something besides look at porn or post porn pictures of yourselves. Do not be idiots, as most of you could not raise a melon if your live depended on it. Get things which will grow and keep in a hole in the ground for a time when the lights go out or you can not afford the electric.
The Ohio country Patriots raised turnips and potatoes. Raise whatever you like, but you did not buy seed potatoes and grow your crop this spring now did you, and what happens in a panic if there is rationing or things shut down eh?

Raise what you want though......but that raising needs soil and soil is hard to toil. You need so much and time is now tick tocking down. People with money would buy a roto tiller rear time, enough gas with Sea Foam to keep it fresh, but that does not help the poor out very much.

World's Richest People Lose $182 Billion as Market Rout Deepens...


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China blamed for free-fall...

Oil biggest losing streak in 30 years...


CLAIM: Dow 5,000? Yes, it could happen...

It does bother me that Drudge is a propaganda tool in lying to you that rich people are losing a fortune in stocks are deflating and rich people are losing nothing....nor is Apple. They all have taken their dividend bribes and pocketed their high priced stocks and merchandise they conned you into the rich are not losing a blessed thing. Just you do

I told you before all of this, that the matrix was indicating that the DOW before this is done in several years will be down to 3000. There are much more important things to deal with like war, keeping your home and eating.......yeah probably learning the hard way that you  really are a killer in protecting what you have, as you find you do not like having your brain bashed in by Mexicans as they rape your kids and your dog.

I am smiling as I think of the post on Facebook about asshole deer hunters.......yes now the people are going to find out that they are being hunted, and they are going to have to one day kill others to make it. Then there was the failure who was upset that his intellectualism was not saving him, and expected me to explain things after all, I only am working 4 jobs now and I have so much time and money that I can waste it on a poltroon who has trusted in an IQ instead of God's Inspiration.

I like all of this though, as this is what I was waiting for. It is a bit earlier in this first wave than I had presumed, but with all warning that it was Jew Day September, the Purr probably said to start springing the trap early before the rats left the burning ship.

Oh by the way.........the other day there was some economic putz who said that there would not be any market collapse this year, as all that Asian money was going to come in..........oopppss can we all say now SUCKER, in once again another prophet was exposed for being shit for brains.

KISSINGER: 'Breaking Russia has become objective for USA'...

Moscow deploying new nuclear missile capable of ranging all Europe......

Yes my children and my brats, this is what the end game is all about. Looting Russia.

Now prepare for your meal of chemical, biological and nuclear hybrids which is not that far off.

I warned you tick tock, you richtards, you should have donated, and you still should make that big donation, not to save you, but to appease my wrath against all of you, as you robbed me in stealing from this blog, raped me of my dignity, and left me for dead as you enjoyed your moments in the sun.

Tick tock
Tick tock
The chime has now begun
The end, the end will meet it's run
When the echoes fade
In the ground you will be laid
Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock.

You really should not have abused me.