Saturday, August 22, 2015

the good, the clint and the ugly

Clint Eastwood: Survey Shows More Americans Would Vote for Actor to Be President Than Donald Trump
Eastwood received 72 percent support in a recent head-to-head Harris Poll against 28 percent for Trump.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I see the Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached a new level, in now the Jebcavers are looking to run Donald Trump against Clint Eastwood, and this poll says Eastwood would win.

Yes Donald beats all democrats, all republicans, so let us drag out Clint Eastwood, a fictional character like Superman. I am surprised they did not run Donald Trump against Jesus or Ronald Reagan.

The reality is, Clint Eastwood has not been given the Megyn Kelly smear yet. See Clint is the right wing guy, who forced his live in Sondra Locke to get an abortion. She sued......she won as Clint ruined her dismal career.

That is just what Clint is, really a Dirty Limbaugh type in bitching about people eating all the time, in the boot to the ass Republican or let them die in the gutter Democrat.

Look, I like Clint Eastwood's movies. He was a good politician in Carmel. He did all he could to save Mitt Romney in being a straw man to Obama, but people have got to get this figured out that there is nothing better out there than Donald Trump, except Jesus, and Jesus ain't coming back to be President in 2017.
So you can vote for fiction in a Clint Eastwood which does not matter in the least. I mean, the polls are ludicrous, in they had to come up with someone who is not even in the race who might beat Donald Trump........until all of Clint's dirty laundry was aired.

This is how bad this has gotten. Jebus Bush is trying to parrot Donald Trump and now Donald Trump is being matched against fictional characters in polling.

Mockingbird is having a meltdown as their protocols are not working on the mass public when it comes to Donald Trump.