Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Obama Conglomerate Animal Abuse

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I honestly do not know how to begin this, as I am frustrated with this beyond grief, and while I have written about this in part previously, the heartbreaking part is not the satanic crimes taking place, but that I can not generate enough people to take action to do something about this.

This is about Baby Daisy and Baby Belle, as much as one of the friend's of this blog's Jersey named Princess and her calf. We all have visions of American Gothic, of farm houses, corn fields and cows munching on grass as bluebirds light on them. The reality is that from what I can back engineer in why we have Baby Daisy, she was a heifer calf, meaning Daisy was this cow's first calf, so she was not kept as they tend to be smaller.

To reach the punchline, Baby Daisy's mother will be dead in two years, literally from abuse.

What infuriates me in this is PETA and the Humane Society, as much as the frauds who bitch about hunters shooting deer or those who weep over Cecil the lion, are part of the conglomerate propaganda. Meaning the cartel funded PETA and all these leftist groups to destroy American agriculture and conservation, so it could be taken over for their exploiting livestock and animals. The very satanic cruelty which all the caring people claim to have unction for, is right in their own communities behind steel sided gulags and it is warehouse livestock agribusiness.

I am going to tell you the sickening facts in this, so you understand the next time you eat any milk product, just what you are funding.

Baby Daisy's mother, after Daisy was born, had Daisy taken from her immediately. If she sees the calf, she gets to lick the afterbirth off and eat it, as there is protein in it, which turns into milk, cream, ice cream and butter.
Every day she is fed then GMO Monsanto frankenfood corn which is pure starch, or sugar. Consider what your body would be like if you were forced to eat nothing but sugar every day. The reality is, a dairy cow's system rejects it and she has diarrhea every day, like you do with the flu, and it stinks of rotten fermented corn.

This cow will never see the light of day. She is turned out into a feedlot, where she stands in her own excrement to her knuckles. She is driven in and fed more corn, as she is starving literally, and consumes this.
Her hooves never touching soil and only concrete, will be cut off twice a year......four times a year if she is a high production cow in the attempt to keep her in production for money.

Her daily routine is being beaten by Mexicans, which is all that is employed as these sadistic corporate operations, and in this, the odds are she will slip, fall down and break a hip, whereby a chain will be put on her neck and she will be killed.

The stock yards will not except a cow for slaughter which will not walk. The reality is though that these cows are as I stated, so starved in being fed these high energy diets, that their entire bodies are cannibalizing themselves. That is why they only last 3 years at the most.

I can tell you that in open range conditions in Montana, beef cattle would last 8 years. In the east, beef cattle would last 12 years on the range. When family farmers were milking cows, those cows lasted at least 12 years, never had their hooves trimmed, and when slaughtered could be eaten for beef as they were in such good condition on hay and grain diets.
I repeat, the sadistic corporate agribusiness is murdering these cows in 3 years.

The Nazi's in Germany were called beasts for working Jews to death, and yet America now has Obama conglomerate agribusiness doing the exact same criminal genocide on cattle, and PETA nor anyone save this blog is raising hell about it at all.

The final bit of information in this is that these dairy torture gulags ship out at least one trailer load of crippled cattle every week. That is around 1000 cows being abused to death, and that is just one corporate dairy operation.

California has these death barns numbering in 5 to 10  thousand cows in their operations, so their numbers would be greater still.

There is no "free breeding" or natural breeding any longer in these conglomerates either. Cows have implants shoved into their uterus and in a few weeks, an entire heard segment goes into heat. It is even more macabre yet, in agribusiness does not want boy or bull might remember this in China in aborting all the baby girls......well in the dairy industry, they now have a process of genociding all the sperm cells in a sample which would breed a bull calf, and all that is left is heifer sperm producing cells in those chromosomes.

Your milk is literally a house of sadistic horrors in how it is produced now. When less than this was done to people, it was crime against humanity............have Cecil shot on a license and all hell breaks loose, but have millions of cows IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITIES abused and destroyed like this, and none of you say a damn thing. I would say shame on each of you for not making this an issue, but it does not one bit of good.

I just brought Baby Belle and Baby Daisy in to their pen. Their day is always an afternoon out, on halter, where they free roam in our yard, come over for a treat and visit, then they run bucking and kicking back to get water, where I feed them grain and they are happy in their pen again.
They moo at us, they talk to us. They literally love us. I then think of what Daisy's mom is going through at this moment in being electric prodded, standing in sewage, being cannibalized to death on these high energy rations, Mexicans abusing her, and her dead in a few years and it just fills me with rage and tears.

I am not an animal rights wacko. I am though someone who loves animals, and it disgusts me what this Obama conglomerate agribusiness is doing to chickens, pigs and dairy cattle. A Jersey is something which should never be exposed to this. It is like putting Audrey Hepburn in a Mexican rape brothel. It is a reality which should never be.

I can not fathom what kind of creatures are who run such operations like this which abuse animals like this. I can understand those PETA money whores who are only in it as tools for cash, but I can not understand anyone having Mexicans abusing cows, sawing off hooves, burning a cow's digestive system and then dragging them away like some old pair of shoes, just because their bones are brittle from too much calcium drained from their bodies for a glass of milk.

I do not in this advocate people to stop drinking milk. I do advocate your finding a dairy which is family owned and attempt to purchase your milk from them. What I do advocate is your raising hell with your Congressmen and asking your Presidential candidates just what they think about this Obama agribusiness in this sadistic abuse of animals for profit.

I am not asking for regulations in more USDA and EPA bullshit harassing Americans, but I am asking that corporate agriculture be outlawed from owning large farms with Mexican invaders.

Look, just a few years ago there were family farmers yet milking in numbers, and they were told that 2 dollar a gallon milk is all they could be paid. Most went out of business, and yet now under Obama milk is running 5 dollars a gallon once the conglomerates created that monopoly.
Americans, literally people on small plots of land can make a living on 5 dollar per gallon milking with small herds. It just needs to be the case of moving to shut down corporate agriculture. American food supply is pure poison in Monsanto and it is nothing cheap with all of these huge cabbage patch produce conglomerates spreading Mexican human excrement on your food for cheap fertilizer.

It all has to begin somewhere and the somewhere is in saving dairy cattle from this satanic abuse. People who do this are not human as no one could do this to an animal if they had anything human in them as it would sicken them.

This is an issue as necessary as aborticide and sodomy, as it is pure evil, and that GMO poison milk you are ingesting is killing you. It is in your interests to press this, not for animal welfare legislation, but just to stop these corporations from owning large numbers of cattle......exactly as the English stopped slavery.

It is simple. If a corporation owns more than 100 head of dairy cattle, or if an individual does and is hiring more than two employees, then put a 1000 dollar tax per cow on that operation. That would end the profits and these conglomerates would get out of torturing animals for profit.

Every day these cows are being electric shocked, having flu like diarrhea, being beaten by Mexicans, breaking bones and ending up in stock trailers like Jews in a Nazi rail car to be slaughtered.

You remember that, and remember that you did not do a thing about it.