Thursday, August 6, 2015

Biggest Losers in the FOX GOP Debacle


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will preface this in Donald Trump won the GOP debate, not because he debated spectacularily, but because he was ambushed, pole axe punched Chris Wallace, Megs Kelley and Rand Paul, and he looked Presidential.
Donald Trump is sitting at 44% in the polling it looks like, in the real polling of who won the debate. Those are Trump voters, not on the fence voters.

The biggest losers though was FOX. They were bias, smarmy and Chris Wallace looked like the creepy guy who fondles your dog and giggles about it.

Other than that, this is about numbers. Rand Paul did not have great numbers, but being a FOX attack dog for Jeb Bush, he came off looking desperate and weak. His Presidential run is over, as is the viewership for FOX.

Chris Christie telling everyone that we are going to die as Social Security is bankrupt, ruined himself.

Scott Walker has die hards, but he really did himself no favor as # 2 or # 3, his support is going to wane as the Trump tides starts sucking up that group.

Ted Cruz was submarined by FOX.  He did well in the first part of the debate and Ben Carson did well in the second part. FOX fears Ted Cruz, and the push is for Marco Rubio.

Marco Rubio did himself no real favors either. He looked weak.

Jeb Bush was the disappearing candidate. He faded in like beached out colors.

People who held their own were Mike Huckabee as his Christian group are die hards. He did ok and will stick around for another 4 seasons at FOX as a host.

Donald Trump did what he had to do. He survived, made no mistakes, and looked Presidential.

None of this is about reality, as FOX proved in being a tool of the elite Obama crowd. What we have here is a setting up for the next "debate" to plaster Jeb Bush's puss all over the place again in no one wanting this loser.

For the reality, Donald Trump increased his lead, Ted Cruz is clawing back in, and Ben Carson showed he can do brain surgery and debate at the same time.

Look this is a set up. They will dig Fiorina out to attack Trump and get rid of some bone. Apparently it will be two girls next time in Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina to nag at Donald Trump, as Megs Kelley probably sprained her eyelids batting those monster fake lashes.

Megs Kelley will have to go back to showing her twat off in Playboy as her days at FOX are running to a close. I would suggest that Jeb Bush just go away, but John McCain never took the advice nor did Mormon Romney.

The voters are not in any mood for any of the crap that FOX pulled. Long memories for short drops on ropes in a revolution. I will repeat this so this gets into the craniums of the elite. Your data a month ago thought it could assassinate Donald Trump and deal with the mob in revolt. What I am reading in the right and the left is a different mentality. Americans are not going to take any more manipulations by the elite. This is a powder keg with sparks already being thrown into it.

This is not a voting block. It is a revolutionary block.