Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Would You Rather.....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a "would you rather" game. It is simple to play.

Would you rather be in prison for life speaking the truth or ruling the world as a pedophile?

Would you rather be successful for being beautiful or unsucessful in being intelligent?

Would you rather have all your thoughts on Facebook or all of your fantasies on Youtube?

Would you rather be a billionaire homosexual or a poor Christian?

Would you rather have everyone wanting to be you or would you rather be wanting to be like everyone else?

Would you rather kill a million people to save the world in spite or kill a billion people to end the world in kindness?

Would you rather prostitute yourself to obtain money, fame and power or live with dignity and be ridiculed, slandered and beaten every day?

Would you rather be a dog living in luxury or a free rugged individual struggling every day?

Would you rather have a messiah named Obama making all your sins legal or a Messiah named Jesus who will Judge you righteously?

Would you rather have eternal Life or would you rather have eternal death?

Would you rather die for one person who appreciated you or would you rather live for billions who never cared for you?

The questions are an interesting psychological and sociological concordance of Faustian dilemmas. The facinating part is, most people will chose the more moral answer in public, but in private exist in the sentence of the immoral.

Nuff said