Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Eminent Donald

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There is an endless plume of Mockingbird which produces a swarm of shit house flies. What I am addressing is the reality that just as fast as one swats down a smarmy Megyn Kelly and FOX, there arises another shit house set in Glenn Beck and Matt Walsh.

The current Jebcavers from the outhouse is Michelle Malkin and Rand Paul. I know it gets confusing in who is partnering up.......a few weeks ago it was Rand Paul playing bitch to Megyn Kelly and this week it is Michelle Malkin being Rand Paul's bitch or co bitch, as it is hard in this Rand Paul is like the Obama girls, acting and looking nothing like the old man Ron Paul.

The attack now is that Donald Trump tries to force little old ladies off their land in New Jersey.  This is about developer Donald Trump going into a shit hole which is costing a fortune to the community and building something which will produce hundreds or thousands of jobs, and bring in millions of dollars in tax revenues.
So put it this way, you got little olde bat who won't sell her land bringing in 2000 dollars a year in taxes to Donald Trump in having that land would bring in a million dollars in taxes for the community.

Rand Paul and Michelle Malkin are in favor of the 2000 dollar in taxes, as they are multi millionaire stooges of the Jebcave, and they get their gated community streets paved and the police always show up when some Mexican is raping the cats.

I desire to bring this home to each of you, in asking you to ponder just where your home or business came from?

Look at your land........what was it originally? It is the same land that Michelle Malkin and Rand Paul possess in reality.
It was some land that the Vikings or Indians had in North America. They in turn were forced off the land by other peoples of Empire, and those peoples were forced off the land by Americans.

So the Americans had your land and built a city on it or farms and ranches. OK do you live on the sod and field, or just what happened?

See the city or the county looked at your land while it was other people's land, American people's land, and seized it. They did it by stealth or outright force. Sometimes it was raising taxes on it, so that the farmers could not afford it or the ranchers, and were forced to sell out.
Then the property was annexed, and zoned from agriculture to development, and some developer laid the electric, sewer and phone lines, and a mansion was built on it, as in Rand Paul and Michelle Malkin's property.

It is the same with Paul's "clinic" those things just do not float around in the air, but are on land, probably land with houses on it, and those houses were torn down so Rand Paul could have his practice to make a fortune. Michelle Malkin parks her ass online on sites, but has no problem when Prodigy was ass booted off like most of the founding internet companies, so Michelle could have her website and be paid several million for it..........

You do remember right about how Michelle Malkin got her Mockingbird bribe right? The Birthers had Obama on the ropes with Larry Sinclair and Jerome Corsi, but out of the blue, here came Michelle Malkin on World Net Daily telling the world that the Birther issue was not the issue, but we could get Obama on the czar issue?

How did that deception turn out for you? Like shit right? Turned out great for Michelle Malkin though as she sold her webpage for a fortune and left Maryland for Colorada to pollute the west with her eastern squatting........yes seizing lands from Americans, driving up prices so locals in Colorado could not afford anything, but Michelle Malkin could as she had millions from the cartel for keeping Obama in power.

Same thing with Rand Paul. Rand had his world made for him, as Ron Paul was a stooge running interference for the Jebcavers, in knocking off Conservatives in the McCain and Romney overthrow of the GOP. Rand got the dividend in being put through elite schools to be a eye doctor, and now he is busy being Jeb Bush's bitch, as another shit house fly like Michelle Malkin......like Matt Walsh........like Roger Ailes......like Glenn Beck.........like Megyn Kelly. Hell there is an array of these flies swarming around for Jeb Bush......New York Times to I am waiting for Hugh Hewitt at the Reagan Debate.

For some reason, when these mouth whores like Michelle Malkin and Rand Paul force people and businesses off their lands, it is nothing to bitch about. But when they get orders to pay off like in the mafia for their lives of luxury in sticking a blade in Donald Trump in political assassination in lying about the good Donald Trump attempted to accomplish in New Jersey, then Mr. Trump is evil.

For the record in this, New Jersey in Atlantic City was destroyed by the little old ladies who stood in the way from necessary expansion, and rich folks like Michelle Malkin and Rand Paul who never took vacations to Boardwalk to keep people working there. How much you want to bet that they did fly off to foreign countries though to spend money and that they have not done the half of what good Donald Trump has done that people will never find out about.

So that is eminent domain and what it means. It is Mr. Samworth having a lovely wildlife paradise and having it seized by the US Government, berating him in court for being unpatriotic, all because he would not sell Quantico to the military. The military just seized it.

All of those lovely roads you drive on.....eminent domain, in land seized from farmers and ranchers without recompense.....but you never wince about that now do you either. Neither does Michelle Malkin or Rand Paul, because when they do it for their little reasons it is justifiable, but when Donald Trump tries to accomplish it, so it will raise millions in revenues to take the tax burden off of you as he makes more money for the risk, then Donald Trump is the bad guy again.

When Alvin York was shooting Germans in World War I, he said it was like shooting turkeys in ducks in a row. The Mockingbird is not getting their money out of their mouth whores like Michelle Malkin and Rand Paul, as they just leave these hangers over the plate to blast out out of the ballpark. This is too easy, and when it is over, they are exposed as hipocrites, morons and prostitutes of the elite, humiliated and forever exposed as enemies of America.

That is the good part in this as I noted. Donald Trump is flushing all of these damned traitors in the right out in the open for all of you to witness. Remember who they are in the Robe's Pierre court times for trial. Who knows you might be rewarded in living in their mansions, driving their cars, sleeping in their beds and drinking their wine.

Bon apetite.


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