Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Cassius Conspiracy: Who is funding the latest attacks on Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The latest frothing rabid attack dog barking through the fence is Western Journalism Center AKA Floyd Brown.

Most interesting is that WJC and Floyd Brown were bankrolled by Joseph Farah of World Net Daily who has been a Donald Trump positive media source.

This is a bizarre strange bedfellows as Floyd Brown has been spewing at Trump like Megyn Kelly, Matt Walsh and other Mockingbirds, but the Bush41 people detest this operative in having filed suit against him and this quote from George Stephenopolous says a great deal what the left thinks of Floyd Brown.

"Floyd Brown is a slimy thug for hire."

You see Floyd Brown has been entwined in a great deal of legal problems so all of the deep pocket donors are terrified of donating money to him, in fear of being sucked into what is the typical Floyd Brown style of Willie Horton, whom he brilliantly created.

So who would hire Floyd Brown to attack Donald Trump?

Inquiry pointed to something different in this. The person who hired Floyd Brown is from New York, a billionaire, who is neither right nor left wing, but is a feudalist who supported Birther Hussein. The campaign is meant to soften Trump up for a democrat win.

I honestly in starting this thought it would be Big Koch, but the Inquiry pointed me to someone I had not even thought of, and as the name revealed itself, it did make sense.

This person wrote speeches for Barack Hussein Obama while this person pretended to be neutral in the 2008 election.

This person was attacking Donald Trump, before Mr. Trump even announced in April of this year, in calling him a circus act, and picking a fight over a newspaper, in saving the New York Daily News.

This troll is Mortimer Zuckerman, owner of US News and World Report, a Trump competitor.

That is what the Inquiry points to in who had paid Western Journalism Center to attempt to savage Donald Trump.

If this proves right, George Stephanopolous was correct in Floyd Brown is a slimy thug for hire as he is working for a slimy thug billionaire.

Additional Note* Rush Limbaugh once related that he met Zuckerman at a cocktail party and Limbaugh was perplexed, as the slimy thug kept saying these over the top racist and bigoted things. Limbaugh could not figure out if Zuckerman was trying to bait Limbaugh to make Rush Hudson look like a racist or if Zuckerman was this slimy.
Considering Obama was his choice......that answers the slime part.

The Cassius Conspiracy, the Bush clique, the Romney clique and now the Obama clique hacking with their daggers at Donald Trump.

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Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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