Sunday, August 2, 2015

God's Gift 2 4 D

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you have not noticed, someone is trying to starve you to death and rid the world of non Monsanto farmers.

I noticed this on a Jeff Rense link to Round Ups little brother or something like that, in another "eggs will kill you", "meat will kill you" funded diatribe, like Muchelle Obama's anti sugar jihad against Americans.
The fact is sugar like salt is a anti microbial, meaning it kills bad things and is good for the body, like smoked things as in food or tobacco if you like doing that....and is why the cartel wants these things banned.

The little bro of Round Up, was being accused of being a cancer causer.......maybe, might be, could global warming might be, could be, possibly should be wiping out life as Al Gore predicted in 2000 AD in the year of our Lord.

What the chemical was is called 2 4 D or is in the chemical salts which in proper amounts do not kill grass, as in cereal grains like wheat, but kills broad leaf weeds  like rag weeds, and other noxious pests which used to cut crops and profits for small family farmers.

2 4 D was a Godsend like DDT was a Godsend against plague insects. It was these two safe chemicals which caused the populations around the planet to grow to over 7 billion. I repeat that 2 4 D and it's class of chemicals are safe and have been used on lawns to wheat for a generation. They were the revolution in agriculture which fed the world.

That chemical now though is being targeted, and the cartel does nothing without reason. It bans all sorts of chemicals which protect you from predators to dandelions, and then appears with some monopoly inferior spray which costs you a fortune more.

As an example of this in the livestock trade, there was a product called Warbex. That pour on vermin killer of lice, ticks, worms was safe when used correctly. It made healthy livestock and good prices for consumers. Suddenly Warbex was listed as 'causing cancer' might be, probably, could be, should be.........and what appeared was Ivomec, which was used on Africans to delouse them and on all livestock.
Thing is Ivomec is now producing a class of vermin which thrive on it, like Round Up weeds are showing up, due to incorrect useage........see you have cheap agrarians who do not full dose on weeds, and suddenly weeds start mutating to liking Round Up.

If 2 4 D is banned as is the move, then that means you will only have expensive herbicides to purchase, and farmers will only be able to grow Monsanto poison crops as nothing else will be available.

For those who do not understand Round Up or 2 4 D. Round Up kills everything it touches. 2 4 D just kills plants with broad leaves. That is what makes 2 4 D such a wonder as it does not kill pastures nor wheat crops, with no genetic manipulation of the crops.

It now though in Obama conglomerate agri business is on the list of chemical salts to be banned, and that means your starving to death.

It is already almost impossible to outright banning for people to obtain effective chemicals, in this monopoly regulation. This is going to become worse, and when one has vegan advocates pushing things they have no idea of, it is the propaganda of the cartel being broadcast again as a human genocide against all peoples.

One of the stock girls in our grocery was telling us a few weeks ago her herbicide which she read of. It is a simple thing in another chemical salt of:

1 box Epsom Salts
1 gallon vinegar
3 tablespoons liquid soap

This concoction in the salts and vinegar activate the herbicide and the soap makes it cling to the leaves. This is as scorched earth as Round Up, so do not use this on your lawns. It is not as selective as 2 4 D, but this will work as salts of any type burn plants to death.

This was just a warning of something brewing, like all the other warnings this blog has produced in the banning by the cartel of pesticides, which people need to survive.

America needs a very high dose of DDT nationally in an effective spraying program. That though is not going to happen, as weeds and insects are factored into the cropping rate of people......yes my children and my brats, the cartel has numbers to the exact person in what vaccines will murder with cancer, what drugs will crop people, how many deer will kill people in crashes in not being hunted...........West Nile, tick is all there.

Now you know why.