Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to Rig a GOP Debate.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about polling, and thought it would be a good thing to explain how it is being rigged to give you a Republican Debate which is designed to only promoted Jeb Bush.

This all started with a Mark something talking head, begging a caller to vote for Jeb Bush, as he swore he would crawl on cut glass to not let Hillary Clinton into the White House. Thing is we have all seen the polls in Donald Trump is thrashed by every democrat, but it is only the Jebpanzee Bush who even comes close.

What infuriated me was reading the propaganda of the Quinpanik poll, and this needs to be explained as Sodomson Cooper of CNN was quoting that poll to Donald Trump who blew it off.
Quinpanik is a college in Connecticut that whores itself out to do polls which are as manipulated as all the rest.

The story I was reading or propaganda said that "women would never vote for Trump" and then it whispered in the slot that it was a MAY poll. Donald Trump was not even in the race yet, and people had not heard what Donald Trump even was about. That is the way Donald Trump's polling is being skewed.

Quinpanik is off like all polling being at least 2 points for liberals. The only polling that got it right in 2012 were discarded, as I told all of you early that the fraud polls were showing Obama was a 5 point winner, as that is what the e voting machines were set up to steal the election for Birther image a second time.

I will give you an example of how this quack polling takes place. So the GOP has 16 candidates and now 17 running. So you want Jeb Bush to be the guy you want in the poll top 10, and no one wants him. You start out with the candidates you do not want, as no one will remember them. You next mumble Trump's name in the middle, and then end the poll with Pataki, Fiorina, and pause, JEB BUSH said authoritatively.
Confused couch spuds will just shrug and say, Jeb Bush.

You must understand these "polls". They are run by auto callers, paid human callers and internet mass polling. The FOX polling will be set up to phone call voters. Now understand what they are calling.

How many of you have dial up yet? That is what the pollsters call. People who have dial up are either rich or they are poor and out of work, of an older class of Americans. It is these two limited demographics who will are the focus of these worthless polls.
People who do not have money but satellite dishes watching that garbage and people with cable too rich to care and watching propaganda are what the polling centers on. They are not going to know Carly Fiorina, have a definite opinion on Donald Trump, and only know the promoted candidates like Jeb Bush.

So when the Rupert Murdoch FOX for Obama media, led by the two twerps who do internet media, and made Lindsey Graham's video slap at Donald Trump, in working for Mitt Romney, you start to see a field laid out which is a collective designed to feature Jeb Bush and drown out Donald Trump in a nattering of 10.

The last thing FOX wants is Donald Trump on stage and Ted Cruz running interference for Donald Trump. Cruz has lagged in the polls and is that "cusp" level with supposedly Rick Perry. It is not that Bush wants Perry in the debate due to Texas, but he is a moron in debates and a hell of allot better than Ted Cruz.

This is why the polling is so screwy. Donald Trump popping out at 25 points one day, and then in other debate polls, he is barely around 20.  They do want Scott Walker in the debate to deflect Donald Trump to neutralize Mr. Trump for Jeb Bush. Sort of a Mexican stand off you see, a three way in which Donald hammers all, Walker looks good, but Jeb hammers Walker to defeat.
Kasich is the glaring example of having no support, is the only democrat in the race, and yet he is in the top 10.

The Washington Post top 10 fits nothing in the polling. They can not ignore Donald Trump as it would expose the charade, but their people are a clue to what is being engineered.
Mike Huckabee, Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), former Texas governor Rick Perry and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Seriously, Chris Christy has no support and yet he appears in liberal utopia, along with Jeb Bush who honestly has a 5% polling number.

For a diluted poll, at the GOP site, you are told to vote for 3 candidates. Yes why just vote for the Donald Trump you want, but look at the bullshit of the Republican overlards, and I do mean LARDs as in lard asses.