Sunday, August 2, 2015

Obama Earth Bakes Dogs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I found this on my wall at Facebook and my comment says it all, as everyone was going patriotic cecil over the story, instead of focusing on what the hell kind of torture this Obama Pentagon is putting our Soldiers and the Battle Dogs through for no damned reason, but to destroy them.

     It would be proper military planning if the Obama Pentagon, maybe flew a drone up and down the mountain, instead of burning dog feet off and mummifying a Soldier for the same mission. The American Soldier is far too expendable in this regime.
- Lame Cherry

Do the research in I was the only one who was bitching about Bush Cheney sending in Soldiers to box canyons in Afghanistan, when a few oxygen consuming bombs would have sucked the life out of every terrorist there, with no loss of American lives.
I have been doing this a very long time in standing up for the US Military, but I will not stand up for a military which has disgraced America, Americans, the Flag and the United States Military in being  pimp force for Obama terrorism only interested in insider bribes for lucrative contracts.

Soldiers are far too deliberately expendable in this Obama regime. The Pentagon destroys these people by passing out mental dope to them which makes them commit suicide as it wipes out their emotions.

The above is nothing to celebrate. It is the heinous and murderous policy of the Obama Pentagon. A nation of Obama drones, and one can not be found to do the recon work to save an expensive Dog and Soldier?

There is nothing to celebrate in this. THIS IS CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT by that entire sodomite officer minder corp which Obama has installed to police the military.