Friday, August 21, 2015

How's that nobel prizy peacey things turnin' out for ya?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With Jimmy Carter now being fine tuned with cancer to shut him up permanently about the Obama legacy, we should just look at something Obama, in what Jimmy Carter ruined his presidency over in human rights and Mideast peace, by bringing to power the communists of  Iran.

Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize....sorry I forget which penninsular country that was in Sweden or Norway.....just know it was not Finland, as the Finns are my kind of people in shooting invaders and propping up their bodies as trophies in war.

Anwyay, whoever was the dynamite nation that blew up the world and gave Obama that peace prize in 2009 for doing nothing.

Actually a million dollars for doing nothing is what Obama has sort of been doing in ruining the Jimmy Carter's remember the one that got Anwar Sadat and that little Jew General Itzakh Shamir dead by assassins?

Anyway, the Obama regime is great in this as Carter dies of cancer from the regime.

You got Shia image Obama, jumping out of the Iranian sands as a Jinn shapeshifter. Then you got Iranian Val-erie Jarrett.........Muchelle's lesbian sex pervert, and then you got the communists of Iran, being given the authority to inspect themselves on nukes.
Why should the Obama regime even have prisons, as let's just save the money, turn the rapists and murderers free, and have them police themselves as I know they will all be good boys and girls in returning to prison each night after working a job......well no jobs under Obama, but maybe at least collecting a welfare check as 30 thousand is still cheaper than 70 thousand for an inmate each year.

So let us look at the Carter legacy.

Begin and Sadat........peace treaty.
Nuts in Iran hemmed in.
Iraq stable.
Syria stable.
Libya stable.
Israel stable.
Egypt stable.
No wars in the Mideast.

Now let's look at peace prizer Obama.
Obama treaty gives nukes and other advanced weapons to Iranian terrorists.
Iran has troops in Yemen and Syria
Iraq is in civil war.
Syria is in civil war.
Libya is in civil war.
Israel is in civil war.
Egypt is ruled by military junta after civil war.
5 wars in the Mideast.

I honestly have been thinking about filing a lawsuit at the World Court, to sue the Nobel Prize Committee for breach of prize rules, and make them take that million dollars back from this Birther Hussein image, along with the medal, as this is not working out at all the way Jimmy Carter had envisioned.
The way Obama works things out is, murder, mayhem and turning everything over to dope lord terrorists, and putting nuclear weapons into the mix to give it a nice glow, as who would not want a nuclear war in the Mideast with a few salvos from hitting New York as the Jews live their in numbers better concentrated than the Israeli state.

Just noting in this, that Jimmy Carter was an epic failure at everything, except getting a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Yeah Carter got a peace medal with that pedophile terrorists Arafat of the PLO or something, for hating America and Jews, but all the same he did at least get peace for a few years.
Thing is Obama has been epically successful in his turning the world into terrorism run out of 1600 Penn Avenue, but thing is, it is not the Nobel Terror Prize.

The epitaph of the Obama legacy is dead Jimmy Carter and the forever line, "How's that nobel prizy peacey things turnin' out for ya?"

Not worth a damn.

This Iran getting nukes and inspecting themselves, being financed by America and armed, is not by accident. It is exactly as the Iranian sympathizers in the Rainbow House constructed this all along.

This is about nuclear arming terrorists so they can implement those weapons with plausible deniability by the world elite who want certain nations brought America if they attempt with Donald  Trump to flee the gulag.

If you need a refresher in the Lame Cherry, the Lame Cherry predicted years ago that there was going to be a Great Eurasian War, and it would involve WMD's in billions killed. Jimmy Carter put the detonator in Iran, and image Obama just gave it the proximity fuse to go thermonuclear.

The world is moving from assassinations, to currency wars and trade wars, to the final phase of assassinations igniting World War IV.