Friday, August 21, 2015

To Hell We Do and To Hell We Can't

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We are entering into the era of Donald Trump. I can see now that the virtue of Americans is arising in their depths of what they really are, and the example I find is, that the martial aspect of Americans is attempting to be birthed after the Obama FU 486 aborticide poisons they have had inflicted upon them.

The fact is that Americans like killing for a reason.

That is what I was relearning in cutting chicken's heads off in butchering them. Yes you thank them for their reason for being created for food, and yes you treat them with respect, but you also after dealing with all the perverts in this world, it is cathartic to kill something to vent, until the time that Robe's Pierre courts allow the mob to hang the elite in mass.

See that is the problem with blacks in Ferguson and Baltimore. They are not killing chickens. Understand that all those illegal Mexicans have been taking jobs that blacks were born to do, and killing chickens is one of them. Blacks are not sadistic bastards as a race. They just sort of get no pleasure out of torturing things. Them Mexicans though, they got that Asian Indian blood in them who all like torturing and murdering things. A black goes in and just cuts off a chickens head, while a beaner has to kick the damn chicken and then laugh about the dead chicken.

I agree with Ike Clanton to the bartender in Tombstone. "Give a rap on the beak and they show you some respect". I see that all the time in these miserable people, who are upset they are failures, they have to go out and verbally rape and assault men like Donald Trump. I get this often enough in these malevolent little persons, who think they are protected by some internet screen. The reality is that if Donald Trump awakens the American in Americans, and he realizes soon before he is plotted against, that he has to be a strong man, then I see great things for Donald Trump and America.

It like these whiners who come up with, "We must play by the 14th Amendment", and, "We just can't go into Iraq and take their oil." Americans say, "TO HELL WE DO AND TO HELL WE CAN'T!"

Why should Americans be hemmed in by laws when their adversaries are breaking those laws? Why should Americans be awarding 3rd world turban heads, when Americans built this entire universe?
If it was not for Americans, there would not be oil drilling, combustion engines, refineries, the space age and the computer age. The world would still be back in the horse and buggy era.

Might makes right. That is the reality. Laws mean nothing when they are used to enslave Americans and reward their tormenters. Laws mean nothing when facing a B 52 or a Star Wars weapon. That is the law, and the law of America was the Colt 45 and America was more civil, more prosperous and more secure, when television had Roy Rogers and John Wayne shooting things up, and not this Dirty Harry era of vigilante justice to make up for all the corruption.

Americans just need to be turned loose. Mexicans are invaders, as are Muslims, as are Chinamen. Americans under Donald Trump just need to be told that all their invader stuff from houses to cars is American stuff for the taking, and within a fortnight the invaders will be making a brown streak down to Mexico.

Those whiners who say this can not be done, just need in Robe's Pierre justice in a Trump age to meet the mouth with the fist. It is amazing how many liberals lose their liberalism like in Franklin Roosevelt's suppression of Germans and Japanese Americans, when they end up with their teeth being knocked out by those in authority or the mob on the street.

That is what culture is. It is the mafia Don in Sicily filling in for absent law enforcement in breaking the knees of the son in law who is beating up your daughter every night.

America would be a much better place if Americans were busy hunting and fishing, killing things........raising their own chickens and killing them.........out in their gardens and orchards killing cabbages and apples. It is cathartic to kill things with reason, and then bring the reward to your home to feast upon. It makes a merry and merciful people, as all of their frustrations are being neutralized in a natural balance, instead of being a poltroon on the internet adding to the primal scream.

We need them blacks out of prison and killing chickens. That is what they were born to do, just like the lower caste whites were born to do the big critter killing, and the more established enjoying hunting, fishing and trapping.
Of course in this, in a Trump era, there would be the bonus of getting together with a few of your friends and wailing on some miscreant who is sticking their noses in your chicken killing business. The miscreant mouths off, in the Trump era, they meet a fist, and probably the mob drives off in their car and takes their ATM card and buys some beer. The cops get called and the cops use a baton on the miscreant for wasting their time.

In no time at all, America is a civilized place again, burning Muslim oil and driving big ass cheap cars.

See Americans have been lied to and deceived in being told that what other miscreants have is not their's to enjoy and that wars are not for profit. The Bible is full of God reserving rich people's gold for poor people and David dividing up the spoils of other nations among his people.

Americans just need Donald Trump unleashed with the CIA and FBI on foreigners, the military taking what is America's by right in being attacked by foreigners, and for the police to just take a donut break for a few years, as Americans settle scores. George W. Bush let the Iraqi's wail on Saddam's thugs to clean things up, so what is good for them is great for America.

My purpose in these writings is to begin the process of understanding the American elite who are attempting to assassinate Donald Trump and have been raping Americans from sodomy to economically, that the thought enters their minds, that there is coming a reckoning, whether it is a controlled burn under Donald Trump or a full blown revolution if Mr. Trump is harmed.......and that reckoning is going to remember every word these traitors have spoken in attempting to keep Americans as slaves.
The point being, if the elite start figuring out that the mob is going to, not might be, but IS going to show up at their door steps, and take all the pretty things the elite have been paid off with to inflict upon Americans, and probably get a hell of a thrashing too.

It is odd how fear makes Americans out of traitors. The fear of Ronald Reagan turned George HW Bush into a liar, and all the Republicans into Reaganites lying to the public. Fear of the Trump Retribution is already beginning to dawn on some of the elite who are figuring out the game is changing. What is required is that message to be understood that the American Political Militia is about to be unleashed, either in a Trump controlled burn or a raging inferno, as all the Americans still existing in the military, the police, the states are still there and learning to fight......taking the step in thinking, that the world is their's to subdue and make better........and enjoying those thoughts of a reckoning on all those who assaulted and murdered Americans.

Americans just need to realize what they are in chicken killers, that they enjoy it deep down and always have. That they are George Washington in fox and hounds. Andrew Jackson putting down the Indian terrorists. Theodore Roosevelt hunting big game and making war. Ronald Reagan bringing the Vatican and the Saudi billions to heel to serve America to bring down the Soviet Empire, as Americans basked in low energy, deflation and the good life again.

It is what Americans are, and the American fist just needs to be given room to sweep aside those whiners who enjoy their bondage, and punish these whiners who are incapable of being real Americans.

That uneasiness you traitors is the American reality. It is why you are trying to assassinate Donald Trump, as you know what Donald Trump means  and it is why real Americans understand what is awakening in their blood and they are enjoying it.

Americans just need to keep Donald Trump safe, and the capitalists will come to heel and then all will begin righting itself, as the capitalists start preying on foreigners as they should be in Yankee Clipper exploitation.

"For those who do not like being Americans, get the hell out with all the foreigners Obama invaded with, as a new American era is begun."

- Lame Cherry

Americans in 1776 threw out all the Tories and inherited their estates. Americans in 1845 threw the Mexicans out of California and inherited an empire. Americans inherited the world of oil after 1945, and it is time that Americans started taking back what is rightfully theirs.

If all of that makes you a bit uneasy still, do not fear my children and brats, you will begin to enjoy killing things with reason again for your appetites are never satisfied and in a Rob's Pierre future, it is all going to be legal. So just go with the history you were born from in being a martial and await for the future where you will be birthed to what you are. You will enjoy being a chicken killer in your therapy.

Americans will start embracing what they are and stop apologizing for it.