Friday, August 21, 2015

Is Donald Trump Real

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I listen to reverse speech often enough to check out if the people in politics are what they say they are. David John Oates appeared on the Jeff Rense program with these reversals.

In the GOP Presidential debate, there was one aspect which kept showing up, and it had to do with Donald Trump, and he is exactly who he says he is.
His final statement was telling in the following reversal.

Yes, Yes, We are the best Americans yet!

- Donald Trump

I place the above for a reality, and place the following reversal from Marco Rubio, who had this to say about America in an answer about abortion.

Fuck you America!

- Marco Rubio

In other reversals, John Kasich speaking about narcotics trade, in reversal stated, it was his satan. I wonder if Kasich has a dope problem.

You might note that Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and the others had no reversals, because they were so coached and performing off practiced script.........nothing from the heart as in no emotion involved.

The main point is, Donald Trump had more reversals than the others combined, because he was not teleprompter speaking, but speaking from his heart. The others had basically contempt for America.

So the propaganda making you question Donald Trump, is nothing but lies.

Is Donald Trump real? Definitely.

An analyst in Canada named Shewolf is responsible for finding these reversals.