Saturday, August 22, 2015

The War on Russia


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a war on Russia and Russians, and it is on many levels from operatives attempting to assassinate Vladimir Putin to the ruination of Russia's ability to feed itself, by bankrupting it's farmers.

President Putin, much like a President Donald Trump would in protecting Americans from Obama open border invasion, finally retaliated on the west this past week by ordering the burning of 250 tons of meat, cheese and vegetables which Russian customs had seized as contraband being dumped into Russia.

Just figure it this way, in a Russia where 1000 dollars is more than most people earn in a year, that Russia in one period seized over one million dollars worth of foreign foods, which are competing with Russian farmers in pricing.
None of this contraband had duties paid on it or tariffs. It was all as illegal as an Obama Afghanistan shipment of opium. That is how the West is operating and has been operating against Russians. Instead of Mexicans into America, Russia has foods dumped into her country to destroy her agricultural infrastructure.

Yes the calls, in ENGLISH, have come in protesting this destruction of "food" as it could feed hungry Russians. Odd is it not that all of these "caring" shills of the cartel never produce one shipload of foods for free to give to starving Russians, but are in ENGLISH protesting it now.........yes "give" the food away to Russians with all those GMO western poisons to kill Russians, and make them hungry so it creates a market, where Russians will be buying foreign poison and not Russian produce, enriching their own peoples.

It is a little thing in this war on Russia, but it is a big thing, as it reveals the extent of how complex and complete this process is to destroy Russia and Vladimr Putin which the Obama regime is involved with.

The West has proven that Russia only has value as an energy pump, a source for pedophiles to rape Russian children and as a market for profit.

Nuff said.