Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jeb Bush as Obama's 3rd Term Racists


Jebpanzee Bush, "I don't understand the nigger talk." 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is not going to take long, as America is now an Obama Race State where Afroids are disrupting political events like Bernie Sanders causing him to flee, and Jeb Bush who fled Nevada after their chant of BLACK LIVES MATTER, caused the Bushling to run away leaving his followers to face the mob.

What followed was the racism of Jeb Bush unleashed, as his followers began screaming WHITE LIVES MATTER.

This is the kind of poster boy that a Matt Walsh of The Blaze who is attacking the Trump Patriots as "fans" and that parents of murdered children by Mexican invaders are brain lazy in not seeing how great a guy this Jeb Bush is, along with these other leftist frauds in the GOP.
Yes, let us have Obama's 3rd term in Ferguson in every political rally, and Jeb Bush making this a race war in the GOP, as he  runs away like a coward, instead of noting that black lives matter, and his Obama is the one who has been offering up the Afroids to genocide by importing all of these Mexican invaders to be exploited.

WATCH: Black Lives Matter Disrupts Jeb Bush Rally In Nevada ...

But several twitter users associated with the action are casting doubt on the implication Bush met with "Black Lives Matter". ... Black Lives Matter Disrupts Jeb Bush ...

This is the last thing Ronald Reagan, the great uniter ever wanted. It was George H. W. Bush whose tenure shattered the Reagan alliance of races, and now it is his son, Jebpanzee Bush, who just made this a Nazi issue inside the GOP of white power against black power.
It is a disaster and Jeb Bush cut and run, leaving more racism inflaming America, instead of dealing with Americans who have an issue which is important to all of us.

Jeb Bush and his Jebcavers like Matt Walsh of The Blaze are not just content to taunt Donald Trump Patriots. No, the Jebcavers are now focusing on taunting black Americans and their issues.

What a wonderful day this is in this fraudulent GOP, the Party of Lincoln who emancipated slaves, having their poster Bush driven off the stage by blacks, as he flees from the stage with his life, leaving his Jebcavers to face a black mob, armed with racial taunts.

The Lame Cherry calls for Jeb Bush to get out of this race, and to donate his billionaire whore donations to the black families of America, where that money can be used to start businesses these people can own and progress in.

Donald Trump called Bernie Sanders a wimp for not dealing with these black Americans, and now Jeb Bush has run away from black Americans with issues too. A President is President of ALL Americans, not just Obamamericans or the Jebcavers on Wall Street and their Mexican servants.