Thursday, August 13, 2015

Matt Walsh, keyboard pansy, propagandist and truth slayer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is an interesting thing in the Lame Cherry who knows all, somehow when the name "Matt Walsh" appeared associated with something that was so forgettable that.........well I forgot. Then there was the current manifestation of attacking.........

People with murdered children by the Mexican invaders.




Just to name a few, and this is what Matt Walsh thinks of you:

"I think you’re being intellectually lazy and insincere. I think you’re enamored with personality. I think you like being entertained. I think you’re treating the fate of my country like a toy to be played with by a giant child in a luxurious toupee. I think you’re in deep now, and perhaps you don’t want to admit you were wrong."

Matt Walsh just called people who have murdered and raped children moronic retards, who masturbate to personality in thinking their plight is something to be entertained by in supporting Donald Trump who is the only leader speaking up for them.

Yes that insult is what Matt Walsh just leveled at Veterans of American wars, and every person who supports Donald Trump in the majority of Americans, right or left wing.

The reason I believe I did not know Matt Walsh, the alpaca groomer and Glenn Beck rancid mouth of the The Blaze, or like Erick Erickson of the Red Stain, in honor of the Megyn Kelly propaganda, shall be termed here, the The Blood Flow....but the reason I did not know what a Matt Walsh is, is I am not God. See with God, He knows each nit by their identity, but for a popular girl like myself, a pile of nits infesting some poor mongrel is not something I am going to know individually......but just know it by the infestation it is, like Nazi's hauling undesirables away in trains, and you good people certainly are undesirables to the dictatorship which pays these mouth whores like Megyn Kelly, Erick Erickson, Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Beck and yes the nit Matt Walsh.

For those who need a refresher course, Megs was on Howard Stern, playing fuck, marry or date or something. Erickson twitted about goat fuckers and then there is Matt Walsh's boss in Glenn Beck who had this beauty.

See Glenn was a DJ, and one day a rival of his who was married, had a wife who miscarried her baby. Beck phoned them up the next day, and told the guy that he could not even father a child right.

Odd is it not that Matt Walsh terms all of you vermin, but somehow has no problem working for scum like Glenn Beck.......another handing out toys to Mexicans with Ted Cruz on the border, and not giving a damn about American children.

Rightly, there is a new dictionary term for Matt Walsh as Americans are not putting up with this Bushtard of scorched earth in they call him, #CUCKSERVATIVE.

For those needing an explanation of all of this, a Cuck is a cuckold, that is a pansy male who is belittled as his wife gets laid by another more dominant male. A very astute definition of #cuckservative Matt Walsh as America is being gang raped by Obama and Walsh's frauds on the right, and when Donald Trump and the neighborhood are forming a rescue posse, Walsh is the guy screaming out the window that Americans are prudes, as everyone knows women like being gang raped.

The worst dig Walsh had against all of you, is calling you UNPRINCIPLED in your support for Donald Trump, as only a principled cuckservative like himself could ever choose what person to vote know Jeb Bush, that principled guy who has constant rumors he oversaw the murder squads of HW Bush, his kids were either stalking Jewish girls, beating on cops or 3 time dope losers, while the Mrs. Midget Bush was busy being an international criminal evading US Customs. Yes that is the kind of candidate that Matt Walsh has decided is what America needs.


If you look close at the photo of Matt Walsh which he chose for his profile, you will notice what looks like a tattooed drunk with only his underwear on, is Matt Walsh a Biblical abomination in ink on his skin which God forbids, and half a bottle of whiskey slugged down. This is what Walsh chose as his profile photo. His idea of Conservative is a 1950's doper beatnik hat, unshaved, intellectual frames, tattoos to make his ugliness appear pretty to him, and all topped off with some brand new books as props to show how brilliant he is, as the genius he is has slogged down a quart of whiskey.......semi expensive whiskey, as that is what makes fag boys look tough and cool at the bar to other fag boys.
Yes Walsh likes picturing himself with an anchor baby to prove he once produced semen in some female, but hiding behind children did not work for Adolf Hitler or Joe Stalin in their like dogmas of dictating to all others they must be party servants and obey what the elite charge them with.........or you parents of murdered and raped children are just UNPRINCIPLED.

Yes according to the completely moronic slurs he levels at Americans in being not Patriots supporting Donald Trump, but the condescending "fans" term, as you are not bright enough to know that your children being raped and murdered by Mexicans is nothing to be championed in Donald Trump BEING THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED ANY OF THESE FAMILIES.............

But then Matt Walsh for that degenerate Glenn Beck and that degenerate Jeb Bush, has his high paid Mockingbird salary to Judas Goat you. He has his elite policed neighborhood with white picket fence and is not one of the 93 million Americans without a job for years being economically raped by the Obama regime and the frauds like Jeb Bush who state that we are all supposed to be more like Obama.

Yeah, the pasty guy, who is afraid inside of what lurks there, working the pipes up on his arms, wearing plaid shirts, hiding behind beards, caps and little girls...........certainly there is nothing of the homosexual stereotype in  the closet there as he attacks sodomites.

But this is about Matt Walsh, the mouth whore who calls slanders Americans like the turban heads of Iran and the comrades of Pyongyang. Great company Walsh has hiding the ivory tower as part of the syndicate which wiped out America......traitors, pedophiles, sodomites and you get the drift..........

as the problem with this world is Donald Trump, and the problems of this world are you American Patriots deciding who you will vote for, and not following Matt Walsh's orders.

As a public record, in the Bull Moose run of Theodore Roosevelt, the media deliberately so slandered Mr. Roosevelt and his compatriots that a lunatic finally attempted to murder Mr. Roosevelt. Matt Walsh is guilty of this homicidal propaganda, as is the growing list of these frauds on the right which Mr. Trump is exposing.

Anything happens to Donald Trump, the coming Robes Pierre Revolutionary courts are going to drag this piss ant of the elite to a quick trial and a short rope. The situation is being deliberately hyped in America by the cartel for a reaction. These treacherous alpaca fondlers need to get it through their brains, that when the revolt comes, their treachery is going to be visited on them and the 153 million American are going to have a reckoning.