Friday, August 14, 2015

Lame Cherry invented the Internet


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I noticed in looking for a vomitoxin post a friend asked about, an Alexa web page came up and I found this information credited to me.

Web Page Title: faviconLame Cherry
Website Age:
45 years old

Last time I checked the people type world wide web kind of started around the late 1980's. I am aware of the "internet" long before this in just a phone line and  the computer making modem noises back in the age before faked moon landings.......but all the same I was wondering how the Lame Cherry is 45 years old when Blogger has not been existence that long.

I certainly am not 45 years old, so this is not some glitch in the wires posting me........although I would not be upset if  I did live in Mountain View California as this page says I do..........well as long as there were no people there, and I think I would like a view of a mountain as I raised melons and shot bears........get rid of Jerry Brown too and California might be enticing as I would have like 40 million beaner slaves to crack the whip on and I could just sit and drink iced tea as my horses grazed in the pasture off the porch.

Just saying though, I apparently invented blogging or the internet, as according to the internet this blog predates blogger and predates the world wide web. Yes 1971, La'me Cherry was creating all of this while Obama was slipping back into America from his Indonesian home.

Say, I must own the internet.......and all you people owe me for every word posted. Start them donations for my royalties and owner of the internet, I am going to start by kicking folks like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook offline until he pays me like a billion dollars in back internet fees.

OK that said, we know we can believe all of this, as this is on a legitimate website in the Lame Cherry is 45 years old, and of course Abraham Lincoln was absolutely wrong about the internet.