Friday, August 14, 2015

Jeb Bush needs to quit the race

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a sign that Jeb Bush is DOA when you have AP quoting Jebpanzee about John Kerry's trip to Cuba.

The Latest: Jeb Bush: Kerry trip a 'present for Fidel'
HAVANA (AP) — The latest on ceremonies to raise the U.S. flag over the embassy in Havana after 54 years of broken diplomatic relations: ___ 11:05 a.m. Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush...

This is the liberal AP and Bush is so unconsenquential that the cartel is doing everything to prop him up. I mean who is going to be asked about Cuba next, the Prime Minister of Bermuda?

So we are now at the juncture of Jeb Bush's failed political career handed to him by his bro George and dad George, that he took a jab at Donald Trump and Trump flattened him, took  jab at Scott Walker and got flattened, had Megyn Kelly and Rand Paul jab at Trump and got flattened, and is now resorting to jabbing at John Kerry with the AP holding old Kerry's arms down so Jeb can get a lick in before he runs away.........

You do remember that Jeb ran for his life in Nevada when blacks started protesting him.....flattened again.

Jeb Bush just is pathetic. He is of no consequence. He is like hay fever that you want some killing frost to make go away, and it just drags on and on.

So this is what Jeb Bush has sunk to. Matt Walsh of the Blood Flow Blaze working for Glenn Beck, is taking swipes at the families of dead children murdered by Mexicans, who support Donald Trump and now the AP trying to make Jeb Bush sound like he matters.

This is just distasteful, like a gay man being beat up by a lipstick lesbian.

The Lame Cherry calls upon Jeb Bush again to end his ridiculous campaign for President and donate the billionaire bully donations to poor black families to start their own businesses. Jeb Bush is wasting time and taking up space which is meant for candidates who are relevant.

It is not going to work in trying to ignore Donald Trump, by quoting Jeb Bush. You might as well quote a bush in your yard for as much as it matters.

Nuff said