Thursday, August 13, 2015

let us all laugh with Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly replies

All have heard how poor weak little Megyn Kelly, who will not apologize to Donald Trump for her joining a conspiracy to illegally tamper with American elections for Jeb Bush, but now we know what Megyn Kelly really thinks in these Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Megyn you should be off the air: Megyn thinks, oh no how will I be able to breathe.

Megyn you suck: Megyn thinks, oh no how did they find out how I got my job.

Megyn you should be on your knees asking for forgiveness: Megyn thinks, oh no, not more oral sex and me having to apologize to Hillary Clinton for being a poor performer.

Megyn do Donald for us: Megyn thinks, my lips are sore.

Clarification for Megyn; Do Donald in smearing him, not sucking him: Megyn thinks, I have to renew my massage license for the debate.

Clarification for Megyn, don't think, just ask the questions we give you, Megyn thinks, oh this is going to be great for my career.

Megyn have a beer: Megyn thinks, finally I have someone I have something in common with that is empty from the neck up too.

Megyn your GPS is broken, Megyn thinks, I can still use it right.

Megyn shake hands, Megyn thinks, I am so tired of waving my hands in the air.

Megyn we love your false eyelashes: Megyn thinks, how did they know.

Megyn it is right on red, Megyn thinks, no left turns when I have my period.

Megyn you may have Alzheimers: Megyn thinks, at least my IQ will not suffer.

Megyn take a Brazilian vacation" Megyn thinks, brazilian? You want me to go away for that long!!!!