Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mudslinger Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is time the bullshit stops about what a great guy Ted Cruz is, because on Wednesday, Ted Cruz today attempted a clever smear of Donald Trump, by sending in a caller to the Rush Limbaugh program attempting to link Donald Trump to failed politician Jesse the bod Ventura of Minnesota.
Mr. Cruz, being an IED assassin is uncomely and now the sappers are in your wire to see how you deal with a little outflanking.

So let us deal with what Ted Cruz is, a bushwhacker of the lowest form, what John Wayne would call a squat assassin.

Cruz likes to play inheritor to the Trump legacy, as Cruz is part of the syndicate which is aiming to destroy or murder Donald Trump. That is what Rush Limbaugh was alerting all to, in this smarmy Colorado caller trying to link Trump to Ventura, as loud mouthed flash in the pans.

I can speak to Jesse the bod Ventura, as I was close enough to that smarmy political intrigue of Minnesota. Minnesota likes bragging how highly moral it is, but the reality is, it is just as corrupt as any 3rd world nation.
Ventura arrived on the scene in beating Jewish Conservative Norm Coleman, who was later destroyed by Jeb Bush's faction in favor of Al Franken another Ashkenaz criminal for Obama, and the perpetual candidate in Skip Humphrey, son of Vice President Hubert Humphrey.

Ventura did pass a number of reforms for taxation. He overhauled the property tax in Minnesota to make it easy, and then he handed out checks in rebates for other taxes. The problem was that Jesse Ventura did not have any idea how to manage Republicans and Democrats who soon enough outflanked him, and turned a 4 billion dollar surplus under insider Arnie Carlson to a 4.5 billion dollar Minnesota debt.

The highlight of Ventura's reign was leaving that ghastly Paul Welstone funeral which had these f*cking idiot liberals on stage DURNING A FUNERAL, CRYING AND DEMANDING THAT JESSE VENTURA AND REPUBLICANS REPENT OF THEIR SINS FOR BEING NOT DEMOCRATS.
Ventura and his wife just shook their heads and rightly walked out of that disgusting display.

Ventura could be charming and then he would go off like a maniac on politicians who just hated him and were intimidated by him. So the GOP and Democrats gave him the Cassius treatment and drove him from office as they did not want an Independent Governor. Yes the debt was Ventura's fault, but the destruction of Minnesota's economy was an assassin legislature which was out to destroy Ventura.

That is what Ted Cruz is now whispering about, in trying to gloss over the reality of Jesse Ventura in making Donald Trump like him. The reality is Ventura was a military man, an actor and a wrestling actor. He never in his life dealt with the political world nor did he ever run a massive empire like Donald Trump has.
Donald Trump understands what politicians are, they are whores, and you bribe them. Jesse Ventura approached politicians naively in thinking they could be petted and fondled for free. The Minnesota hookers instead stuck a knife in his back.

Will Donald Trump be a Jesse Ventura? Not in the least, as Donald Trump is a completely different political animal. Donald Trump understands like Ronald Reagan a political wave and is out in front of it. He is giving the people what they want and by the people threatening Congress, the Congress will then be put on a leash.

Donald Trump is inside the GOP, not outside. Mr. Trump will have to be as careful as Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan who both had coup plotters in their party from establishment Republicans.

There is a difference though in Donald Trump and Jesse Ventura. America was entering the Clinton recession and America is now in the Obama Super Depression. There is no surplus for America, only Obama super debt. America is already in the abyss, and Donald Trump does not have to do that much to "fix" America.
Basically Donald Trump simply has to get out of the way, as the Obama regime has been standing in the way of American growth. Mr. Trump understands this, and it is not a matter of Ventura cutting taxes, but not creating growth, but Mr. Trump can stop debt with Mexican invaders, the attacks on small businesses, and record taxes, which will unleash Americans to more revenues.

I am not going to deal with Mr. Trumps plans for America, which are all sound, but it is a reality that should be clear in Ted Cruz is a mudslinger. He just is different from Jeb Bush in he praises Donald Trump in public to con Trump voters, while his Megyn Kelly is some degenerate from Colorado speed dialing Rush Limbaugh to get the Cruz smear message about Donald Trump before the public.

The more I see of Ted Cruz from his deceptions of billionaire donors and this phanton 250,000 donors who average 62 dollar donations, to his wife in the CFR looking to destroy America, and Ted now sending out minders to phone into programs to smear Donald Trump in the "Ventura Gambit" reveals what a smarmy tool of the Rockefeller elite this Canuckian is.
Cruz's plan is to hope that his benefactors destroy Donald Trump or murder him, and then Cruz will inherit the bewildered Trump voters. That is unAmerican and where I gave Mr. Cruz the benefit of not dealing with him, I will not let his dirty tricks campaign go unnoted so that the world can decide what a trickster he really is.........and do you really want another Mormon Romney sending out Morning Joe to call Conservative Fred Thompsons wife a "pole dancer" the way Glenn Beck called Mrs. Trump a "lesbian porn star"?

That is what this syndicate is, and Ted Cruz is part of this syndicate. If Jeb Bush is so utterly rejected, then Taco Ted Cruz gets to come in play guitar hero.

This is clever and what one would expect from a Harvard lawyer and debater. I though have had it with this damned Tavistock manipulation and I will not put up with it one more election cycle.

Now you know the reality of Ted Cruz and if necessary all of Mr. Cruz's dirty secrets are going to come out, and when this is over, his seat in Texas will be in jeopardy as Texans hate this intrigue worse than Americans.

Yeah political book has it that Ted Cruz is a nice guy to Donald Trump..........same book has that Barack Obama is a peace maker and that Jeb Bush is a moral man.