Sunday, August 30, 2015



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I dislike "cliche" as it brainwashes the brainwashed by the brainwashed.

Phrases like, "Obama is just stupid" from those who disagree, is incorrect as Obama has accomplished every sinful and treacherous thing he set upon.......except Cap and Trade, and then he went postal using standing EPA orders.

I came across this phrase which I dislike:

The most amazing thing about Trump is how bad he makes everyone else’s political game look. It is as if you were attending an Aikido school with a fake Sensei who had just watched a Steven Segal movie here and there, but you never knew he was fake. Suddenly an old Japanese master shows up and you realize, there is a whole other world of possibility out there that you never knew existed. Suddenly you realize – every other candidate we have seen hasn’t even been trying.

I highlighted what is wrong with this analogy, besides the cumbersome Steven Segal comparison as most nubes would not know who that geezer is. It is the reality that what Americans have witnessed is not that Jeb Bush, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Birther Obama when he was still alive, Mitt Romney, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz.....and whoever else were not trying. THE PROBLEM IS WITH THESE OTHER CANDIDATES IS THAT DONALD TRUMP WAS NOT TRYING PREVIOUSLY AND IS NOW..........AND THAT THESE OTHER POLITARDS ARE DOING THE BEST THEY CAN.

This is how inept these political whores are. These politicians are chosen because they are not that bright in real life, are good at deception, are good at paying off their owners while lying to the public and are incapable of anything besides Rand Paul in a clinic ordering helpless patients around or get the point. Politicians get into it to validate themselves, to use other peoples money to fix things, as they are too tight to fix their warped ass Obama aborts America, because he wished his parents had aborted him.
Strange brew stuff.

The point is, that in the above phrase is the writer intellectually lazy or is the writer imprinting into your mind that everyone is as skilled as Donald Trump, but these other politards are not really trying, but if they were.........well hell Jeb Bush to Ted Cruz to Ben Carson are just like Donald Trump.

That is why I dislike catch phrases and why I keep warning all of you about the Mockingbird. The article told you exactly what you desired to agree with and then it slapped you into a thought you did not agree with, and you chose to ignore it as like Rush Limbaugh it flattered you on every other thought.

“Nothing is on the level.”

"Unless you can fake sincerity, you'll get nowhere in this business”

“Roy Cohn wasn't gay. He was a man who liked having sex with men.”

Roger Stone

Do you get now why Donald Trump canned this fairy's ass?

Post a note: For those of you not familiar with Roy Cohn, he was the fagsexual worshiped over at World Tribune by Robert Morton, another steer you clear "of thought" website, coming from the Washington Times, hip deep with the sub groups of intel to manipulate you kids on the right.