Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Shemitah Cover


you missed her dirty feet just like you always do looking at the girl

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that all the richtards in the stock market think they are safe, and every analysis has been incorrect, it is time to tell the children and brats what was really going on in this festive season of robbery.

First, forget that Shazzamariah whatever in the Jew 7 year ain't Jew, it is Hebrew and it is the way things ought to be, and is not they way things are. You children get led around by any snake oil seller with any new term. Yes there are things behind this but the Ashkenaz do not adhere to Torah Law......just the Talmud calling you are animals to goysploit.

OK, this is the game.

There were a number of short stocks coming up in August. The way to hide was to hide it behind China being all shook up in divesting them of their reserves, and by the devaluation of that toilet paper currency called the Yuan.......any currency named like that has to be crapper and best used in the shitter.

So any way, you got these shorts coming up. The review showed 2 trillion dollars, as that is what was gleaned from the markets. That is why the DOW dumped 1000 points and then was out of control, until the controls were back into place to deal with the investments pulling out of the markets.

What was of most interest to me was the market showed an uptick on Friday, but the Inquiry was pointing to a loss of 667 points. Main thing to deal with in this, is all that money needed a new home.........and gee oil went up, commodities went up.......where do you think 2 trillion robbed out of the stock market ended up?

Yes you are correct, not in your bank account!!!

Woo hoo.........what would you do with all that money any way children? Probably turn into a drunkard and a Jeb Bush voter.........thank the cartel they saved you from your own demise.

I have something for tomorrow I think it is, in a real problem at the end of September that has more to do with a problem ........why oil stocks are being spiked at this point, as profit taking is a must at this juncture for something else which really matters is going to appear.

Can we not just all agree that Jennifer Garner was a bad wife, and poor Ben Affleck what else could he do but turn into a gambling addict, screw other women and make Jimmy Carter movies, because his wife was the problem?

Sorry, was tuned into the Ben Affleck fan club and penis measuring philia site. Odd site that is, pictures of Ben and liberals sending in their penis photos to see who will win the prize as to whose cyclops looks most like Ben Affleck. Prize was something about a front row seat at the Carter funeral. Ben is on the A list after this film heralding Jimmy Carter, so I guess it has something to do with his pull with the Carters.
I always though Ben Affleck looked more like a Hinduanese pussy I once saw, having scarves unveil it to most enticed Asian men......or maybe they were terrified as I am sure Jennifer Garner was when she opened her eyes during sex.

It is easy to blame the Shemitah as something out of all of our hands, when it is feudal hands having set up the sequence to hide their looting again.

Oh sorry, I digressed as all of you were so engrossed in Ben Affleck.

For those not engrossed in Ben Affleck, there is this:

-11.76 -0.07%
Volume 131.79m
Previous close
-11.76 -0.07%

You should notice something there, in Friday the media reported that the DOW was up hundreds of points. The problem is this real time information shows that at 4:55 pm at market close, the market was down 11 points.

Stocks end ugly August on slightly higher note - CNNMoney

Stocks end ugly August on slightly higher note By Ken Sweet, contributing writer August 31, 2011: ... Preliminary tallies show the Dow Jones industrial ...

You are being lied to and no one is pointing this out.