Sunday, August 30, 2015

Prince Fum Ducker

As a not so exclusive exclusive of the Lame Cherry in matter anti matter, but all the same one of a kind information.

I have decided I need a weed burner, one of those propane ones for budocks as dancing with Baby Daisy is too interesting. Baby Belle is not bad in pulling burrs from her tail, but Daisy has so many that it gets old for her too quickly.

satan apparently did not appreciate my corn work, so it in the wind looked like it stomped a big footie print on my sweet corn and yellow dent corn.....both open pollinated. The coons then helped themselves on the bi color which is that Double Standard. It produces well and what is a better consumer ad than the coons like it to their guano squirt poo undelight.
They also like the early types of the Mandan Bride Squaw Corn.

I also discovered something as I type this and am supposed to be "relaxing" watching hot to build a cold is that we feed cracked Monsanto GMO corn to the calves in about a quart each. I put the husks of the sweet corn I had picked up for seed down there, and Baby Belle and Baby Daisy have chosen slightly green and very wilted open pollinated sweet corn husks to real GMO corn.
That does not happen with real corn, so it is interesting in what that stuff from Monsanto stinks like.

The calves have been doing well. Except for one day some satanic chit was around here again, took both their halters off and then they fled down the driveway onto the buck goat decided it would be interesting to jump through a panel and eat my Kentucky Wonder green beans.........twice, so with that rectified, the calves behaved really good. We almost lost them in the neighbor's corn one day, but that was that day, and otherwise when I groaned yesterday thinking they were gone, they heard me, and delightfully ran back to me.

Some of the digitals I downloaded were for predator calling to kill coyotes. I wanted to listen to the exact sequence of calling. I am going to enjoy putting shock into their fury large bodies in killing them. It makes me pause though too, in if  they were not killing things all the time and running deer, I do like having the window open and hearing those bastards yip and howl at night.
I am learning about them too. There is at least one old bitch as the mother, and they always yip when starting out for the night which is around midnight. I heard them one morning and there was a lone howl in that bunch. I deduce this is the bitch and she is calling in the pups from hunting, and they all sort of snooze the day out together.
These coyotes are different in I have only seen one pup with TL on a walk. You usually see coyotes going hell for leather during the day. These have learned to keep under cover and only come out at night.
I dream of something like a 22.250, as that is what is the recommend or 220 Swift...yes all bolt action and with some 24 power scope on them. Out of the price but the rich now, but is my fantasy some old codger has one old as hell, and he just has it into him to give me a deal on it. Could be some Ted Williams Sears rifle....have no idea if they ever produced one, but all the same, as long as it shot where I was aiming and killed where the coyote was....I think I would go for it.

My sewer needed pumping and the guy came out. He looked at me and had my name right. Had not seen him since I was a kid. He hunts out in Montana on some ranch behind closed gates. Said the owner is some old geezer lawyer who owns like 70 law firms in that state. Built a 4 million dollar home way to hell and gone out there.
He also hunts pigs in Texas I think. He said hogs, and only place you hunt pigs is Texas so I figure it was Texas as it is in the in thing and them damn hogs breed like cats. I think it would be a hell of a long drive to shoot a pig, but what else are you going to do for two weeks than go kill something.

Someone posted on my wall a joke which delighted me. I share their humor.

Two guys were in Texas, one a Texan and the other a Coloradoan. They are out hunting and out pops a Mexican, and the Texan pulls out and shoots him dead.

The Colorado guy exclaims, "You shot the damn Mexican!"

"Sure", says the Texan, "It's legal here."

Later in the day, the Coloradoan goes into town on a beer run, and sets his beer down on the hood to unlock the pick up, and Mexican comes running by and grabs the beer.

The Coloradoan thinks, "Well, I know how to handle this", and pulls out his pistol and shoots the Mexican dead.

Next thing he knows is the Texas law men are around him and arresting him, and the Coloradoan is confused and says, "Say I thought shooting Mexicans was legal down here?"

The law men reply, "Sure it's legal here, but you can't use bait."

Had some gumby up here looking to shoot some geese on early season on the neighbor's field. Dick did not even say who he was in his camo doper pants, so I just said," Nope, he don't let anyone hunt."

Kid just kind of yupped me and away he went. I knew he would not get on the other neighbors where they roost or get to pass shoot on the other neighbors and would never figure out where this farmer the geese are still there feeding which I like a flock of Wood Ducks too which delight me.
I like eating geese and ducks, but I like watching them too most days. I view them as mine and no dipshit gets to blast them. Got enough damn noise around here anyway with the doper neighbor family.
Yeah I reported the meth stop sign to my state, and they sent out the local law, and he did not do a damn thing. I hear people lamenting about cops being shot, but I do not know what good a cop is who only sits on the highway bothering people while leaving the dopers do business.
I suspect that ..........well there is profit for them in my remote area.

Not much of a livestock report, as mostly it has been kittens, and TL will have an update on that sometime next month as we took pictures today. I though have a new friend which TL was having problems with, and the other orange friend TL has tried to eat me several times. I really do not like cats, but most of them do like me far too much. My duty is to kill every male cat I see around here named Cecil or not to keep these cats viable and here.

Pop can is sweaty, it must be humid here.

Oh and I hope that as there are no lions in England, so Prince Harry can gain some good whore publicity, that his pet Muslims kidnap his pasty ass and execute him..........oh and that is some Nostradamus prophecy not my prayer.....only hope it comes true now that Harry decided to pimp a lion as a United States Citizen was terrorized by his kind.

You do get this right? That an American had to flee his home, his business, his state for that damn Cecil by terrorists in America, and Harry is ramping up the eco terrorists again......exactly like if Harry came out and said ISIS was right in civil war and beheadings of people are the way real royals do it.

Like I said, when the prophecy comes true, I am going to say "Good riddance" to this red headed prick.

Well better post as it is back to work and I still have not watched my cold frame videos.